Ike, Dog, Lhasa Apso (long coat)

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Lhasa Apso (long coat)
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Lhasa Apso
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Please contact Angela (angelahoschek@msn.com) for more information about this pet. Name: Ike Birth date/Approx Age: Born July 5, 2005/4 yrs 3 mo Breed: Lhasa Apso Color: White w/ tan ears M or F: Male Spayed/Neutered? Yes - Neutered Any shots? All shots UTD including Rabies and Bordatella; additionally Ike is treated with Frontline Plus for fleas and Interceptor for worms. Micro chipped? Adopter will be required to chip within one month of adoption. Get along with cats? Don’t know; seems to ignore but shows a little bit of interest Get along with other dogs? Yes (currently living w a 7 yr old Min Pin mutt and a 2 yr old Shih Tzu Get along with kids? No - Would only be adopted to adults with teenagers Has this dog been around children under age 3? Yes If yes, how do you feel he/she reacted? Not well - nips, bites, growls @ times Get along with all people? Yes; better with women but starting to trust men too. Weight now? 19.1 lbs Weight full grown? Same Walks on Leash? Yes, very well and knows the HEEL command Housebroken? Yes, no accidents since being put under my foster care Personality? Smart, sweet, just wants to please & loves quality attention; Ike is a very good boy and has gained more confidence in his foster home situation. List good traits Any Health Issues? Good companion, not a furniture dog, loves to walk, loves Nutra bones and squeaky toys -- No pig ears or rawhide please; gets an upset belly, needs to have his eyes washed every few days Any bad habits? Tries to play ALPHA dog… needs to know his place on the totem pole; can be toy obsessive with other dogs and may growl at them to get what he wants Trained to what commands? Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Give, Fetch, Place, Heel Like Doggy Parks? Don’t know; he hasn’t been taken to one yet Was this dog abused and how? My best guess is yes, by a previous male in the household, he cowards to a raised voice/hand and prefers women to men but gets used to a soft touch under the chin Has this dog ever bitten anyone? Nipped at a 7 month old child twice -- the reason he was surrendered to me for foster care and possible adoption Any dog aggression problems? Minor, after a month he has warmed up nicely to dogs his size and smaller Any anxiety separation problems? No, as long as he is crated with a bone Does this dog need a fenced in yard? Yes, would definitely benefit with a fenced yard Who would be the best kind of owner for this particular dog? One without young children and that understand the Lhasa Apso and their behaviors Is this dog crate trained? Yes, recently learned through foster care and enters willingly with a treat Where does he/she stay when left home alone? Ike is left in a crate with a water bottle, treat, blanket, and a hard chew toy Where does he/she sleep? On the floor, in his bed next to the foster parents Application and home visit required.