Rocky, Dog, Labrador Retriever / Staffordshire Bull Terrier (short coat)

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Labrador Retriever / Staffordshire Bull Terrier (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Labrador Retriever
Secondary Breed: 
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Special Needs: 
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Rockys story Meet Rocky, such a brave, sweet soul. He is about a year old, neutered and micro chipped. Rocky, previously known as Ghandi, was dropped off at a high kill shelter in Orange County . After a few weeks at the shelter, Rocky began to show signs of stress, as expected being in a shelter, and started to have diarrhea so he was put on the kill list. Rocky has a small scar above his left eye form leaning on the fence at the shelter watching as people walked by and adopted other dogs. Rocky was rescued within a day of being euthanized and placed into a boarding facility for a few weeks where he put on over 6 pounds and was temperament tested. He has such a gentle temperament, very good with other animals, just a teddy bear considering all the changes he has had to endure during his short life, he is still a loyal, friendly dog who loves to play and trust his owner. After a few weeks at the boarding kennel, Rocky found a home with a family who had a backyard and really cared about him, or so we thought. The family has now contacted us saying they don’t want Rocky anymore because they don’t want the expense of a dog. We have until the end of the week to find a home for this sweet angel or else he may have to go to a no kill shelter in San Diego . The owners said Rocky started to limp on his leg a little and they didn’t want to pay for any medical costs, so we took him to the vet ourselves to check it out. After being x-rayed the vet said there is nothing wrong with his bones and it is probably a pulled muscle. They put him on slow walks, bed rest and medication and since then Rocky has been fine. However, we would like to have him seen by an orthopedic doctor just to make sure he is not living in pain. How can we put Rocky back into a shelter after he has been bonding with a family and sleeping in a comfortable bed? How do you tell a dog they have done nothing wrong but you going to be locked up on a cold concrete floor again? Rocky is a lot of fun to play with, he loves to run, jump around like a bunny rabbit and lie on his back while you rub his belly for hours. Please can you help Rocky find a home where he can finally rest his little head permanently or foster this buddy until we can find him the home he deserves. Rocky still has the scar above his eye representing the harshness of his previous life at a shelter, this is our turn to step up and remove the scar on his heart from being abandoned by his family. Email