Lira, Dog, Labrador Retriever / Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat)

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Labrador Retriever / Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Labrador Retriever
Secondary Breed: 
Pit Bull Terrier
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Special Needs: 
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
White with Brown or Chocolate
Coat Length: 
See Lira 's Homepage Please contact Shannon ( for more information about this pet. update 9/28/08...I went to the Doctor the other day, and he told Mom that I look coat is all growing in and is just lovely. My eyes still bother me though...the Doc says its something called 'entropian'...I dont know what that means but it does hurt...and makes my eyes water and itch all the time. Mom says I have to have surgery to fix it, but then my eyes will be all better!! **update 9-12-08***Thanks to the donations of some wonderful people, I am thriving and my skin is healing up wonderfully. I still have a ways to go...but you can see how much better I am already. My personality has finally gotten shine...not sure that that means, but my foster Mom says I am the sweetest puppy EVER! So it must be good. My name is Lira, and I am finally SAFE..and have a big soft blanket to lay on...and good food to eat...and lots and lots of medicine to help clear up my poor skin...not to mention an awesome foster Mom who gives me tons of love and attention and even takes me outside to sit in the grass and breathe the fresh air! When my rescuers found me, I was curled up in a ball in a metal crate at a kill shelter. All I had to lay on was newspaper. My face was so swollen that I could hardly open my eyes and the skin on my face was so raw it oozed constantly, creating huge scabs. I have demodex, a genetic skin disorder that can be easily managed when properly cared for. But my owners didn't bother to care for me at skin was soooooo itchy!! So I would scratch, then my skin would ooze and bleed. When my rescuers got me out to their car, I was so thankful that I wagged my tail and looked up through my swollen, infected eyes and said thank you, giving the best little kisses I could muster up! They say I will have a long road to full recovery, but I dont care...I feel safe and loved for the first time in my life. This wonderful little girl is only 5 months old and has suffered such misery in her short life. She is safe now and learning what it means to truly be loved and appreciate for the beautiful soul that she is. You can do your part for her by helping with her soaring healthcare bills. We are able to help furrbabies like this only through the generous donations we receive from people like you!! Won't you help us, help them???