BILLY, Dog, Keeshond (long coat)

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Keeshond (long coat)
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Gray/Silver/Salt & Pepper with Black
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Please contact Susan McCoy ( for more information about this pet. New rescue--we rescued this Keeshond from an animal shelter after he was impounded as a stray. Neutered at the animal shelter hours before these photos were taken , he will undergo a mandatory veterinary examination by our veterinarian. He needs grooming but must wait for his stitches to heal--please watch for updates! We foster our Keeshond rescue dogs in the homes of our volunteers, who provide them with food, shelter, grooming, attention, and other care needed for their well being. We have all rescue dogs examined by our veterinarian, spayed or neutered, immunized, and tested for heartworms. We provide treatment for known illnesses or medical problems on a case by case basis. We work with potential adoptive families to find each dog the right forever home. We provide appropriate medical care and training towards the goal of putting each Keeshond dog in the best possible condition for a permanent adoption. All Keeshond Rescue dogs are subject to no less than a two week period of foster care in which temperament assessment, evaluation and thorough veterinary examination are conducted. We follow up on our adoptions, offer our adopters advice and support for the lifetime of the dog, and take our dogs back at any time if the people are unable to keep them. To make this level of support possible and enable us to get the dog back if necessary, we place our dogs only in Southern California. Southern California Keeshond Rescue is a small, all-volunteer organization. We do not have a kennel facility where people can come to meet the dogs. All of our dogs are fostered in the homes of volunteers and are shown by appointment only to potential adopters. If you are interested in adopting a Keeshond rescue dog, the first step is to complete an adoption application. Please visit our website at to download an adoption application. Please give detailed, specific answers to help us determine whether one of our dogs may be a good match for you. Our goal is for our dogs and their new families to be happy together for the dog's lifetime. Our review committee evaluates each application carefully. taking into consideration factors such as the type of home (house, apartment, etc.) children and other pets, the family's lifestyle and previous dog experience. We compare this to what we have determined is the most suitable environment for the dog, based on the dog's personality, exercise and training needs, possible medical needs, etc. After careful consideration, we choose the home that we believe is the best match for the dog. If you are not chosen to adopt the first dog you are interested in, please visit our website and email us if you see another dog that you think might be a good match. Our adoption process includes a home visit. Seeing where the dog will live gives us a better idea of whether one of our dogs might do well in your home. The home visit is also an opportunity for us to meet you and your pets and answer any questions you may have. Based on the application and home visit, if we think that one of our dogs may be a good match for you, we will make arrangements for a meet 'n greet. If we do not feel we have an available match, we will keep your application on file for future consideration.