Coco, Dog, Jack Russell Terrier

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Jack Russell Terrier
Primary Breed: 
Jack Russell Terrier
House Trained: 
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Coco is a 5yo female Jack Russell Terrier who was rescued from a bad backyard situation in rural Mississippi. Coco has a low activity level, goes outside to do her business and then comes right back in. Likes to go for walks, loves to be with people, enjoys being petted and brushed. Recommended for children 12 years and older. Fine with cats and other dogs. Good on a leash, rides great in the car. Knows basic commands . Housebroken and crate-trained. No issues such as separation anxiety, chewing or barking. When she came to us she had heartworms but she was treated and cured without complications. Weighs about 15#, healthy, altered and utd on shots.Coco's rescuer and foster mom is a veterinarian in Mississippi and here's what she says about Coco: ' Coco was rescued from the worst pet owner I have ever known. He refused to spay her, remove her infected teeth, treat her for heartworms because she was 'free.' She was found on multiple occasions and brought to my animal hospital. She was always so happy to see us and so scared to go back to her abusive owner. Her cough got bad enough that he brought her in to have her put to sleep and I offered to take ownership of her instead. Coco LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat! Loves to snuggle, loves to be petted and cuddled. She gets along pretty well with other dogs, but doesn't want other dogs near her food though. I think she would be fine living with other dogs but I would not expect her to actively play with other dogs. She is more interested in seeking love from humans. The bad man had older kids who loved Coco which was the only reason he kept her for as long as he did, and she would be fine with kids 12 years and older.She hesitates sometime when she meets a new person but acclimates quickly once she realizes that the new person does not resemble the energy of her abusive ex-human. Coco is a sweet, sweet soul who is finally knowing love and she deserves a family who will love and care for her and never let anyone abuse her again.'To adopt please fill out an adoption application.For more information about our adoption procedures and fees, please visit our homepage at Good Dog Rescue.For more information or if your have questions email us at