KASHI, Dog, Jack Russell Terrier / Chihuahua / Mixed (short coat)

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Jack Russell Terrier / Chihuahua / Mixed (short coat)
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Jack Russell Terrier
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Please contact Denise (dogdaddy@adelphia.net) for more information about this pet. CODA (Cleveland Ohio Dog Advocates)1-877-664-1314codadogrescue@givemepaw.comP.O. Box 44092Brooklyn OH 44144 We are also collecting used ink jet and laser jet print cartridges all proceeds go to the rescue dogs You can mail your used printer cartridges to us at: CODAP.O. Box 44092Brooklyn, Ohio 44144 KASHI (Shelter Photo of Kashi) ( Jack Russel Terrier and Chihuhua mix female) Kashi was rescued from Scioto Dog Pound in Portsmouth Ohio The dog pound contacted us because the rescue that had a hold on Kashi never showed up to save her from euthanization and the shelter told us that Kashi was exhibiting signs of illness and was not eating or drinking and was very lethargic with an upper respitory infection. This shelter has no funding available to provide veterinary care for dogs at the shelter We agreed to rescue Kashi. The wonderful staff at Scioto Dog Pound drove Kashi to a nearby vet after CODA made arrangements to pay for Kashi's vet exam but neither of the 2 vet clinics in the area had room available to medically board Kashi until we could arrange to have her transported safely to Cleveland Ohio. So Kashi had to return to the shelter after her vet exam but the shelter did quarantine her away from the general population for us Kashi was diagnosed with a terrible case of hookworms and an upper respitory infection She was also deyhrated and received sub q fluids at the vet visit Kashi was started on antibiotics and panacur for the hookworms A wonderful shelter volunteer came to the shelter the next morning ( saturday) and picked Kashi up and took her to her house in order to get her out of the shelter. CODA arranged to have Kashi picked up the next day ( sunday) from the volunteers house Kashi would like to thank Eric and Sandy ( CODA Great Dane Parents of Claire Dane) for driving an 8 hour round trip drive so that Kashi could quickly and safely arrive at CODA's main foster facility on Sunday 8/26/07 Kashi was shaking her head a lot and was immediately treated with ear medication. Kashi was given her medication from the vet upon arrival and given food and water She ate one bite of food but did drink a good amount of water for us We washed her face and brushed her very well and gave her a lot of love and petting upon arrival Kashi has a condition called ' cherry eye' in both of her eyes. The cherry eye in her left eye is much more advanced than her right eye and has some bleeding in the eye Kashi has a pretty severe upper respitory infection and nasal and eye discharge Kashi is a sweet girl who was wagging her tail even as horrible as she's feeling right now Kashi was put into medical quarantine for the night and will be seeing our Vet Dr. Brian first thing in the morning We'll have updated photo's of Kashi and further information soon. UPDATE 8/27/07 Kashi was examined by Dr. Brian first thing this morning as we were very concerned about the bleeding in her eyes Upon examining Kashi Dr. Brian stated that she had been severely beaten in her head and that the extensive head trauma has caused swelling to her eyes and the bleeding in her eyes Dr. Brian also discovered that Kashi has a very bad hernia that will need immediately surgical intervention Dr. Brian estimated Kashi to be around 7-9 months of age and thought she had either just had her first heat cycle or was about to have her first heat cycle . We will know the results of Kashi's heartworm testing tomorrow and are praying she's negative for heartworms Dr. Brian started Kashi on some medication for her eyes and her hernia in addition to instructing us to continue with the antibiotics that the Vet Clinic in Portsmouth Oh started her on Kashi finished her last panacur treatment for her hookworms yesterday evening Upon arrival back at CODA today, Kashi received a very thorough de-flea bath and nail trim along with being brushed and pampered a bit Kashi was a total angel for the bath and nail trim Kashi is eating very well for us and drinking a lot of water also Kashi LOVES the new Homestyle Selects Fresh Refrigerated food we are currently feeding our rescue dogs after all the dog food tainting cases Kashi gobbled down her bowl of food at each of her 3 feedings today Kashi weighed in at 12 lbs at her vet visit and you can see very rib on her, she is very thin and undernourished We expect Kashi's multiple surgeries on her eyes and the hernia to be quite costly So any and all financial help for Kashi is greatly appreciatedUPDATE Kashi has completed her surgeries and is doing wonderfulKashi is now nice and chubby and far from skinny Kashi has moved to our most experienced and active foster home in Cleveland Ohio and is living with cats, a five year old child and another female dog and is getting along well with everyone at her foster home Kashi is perfectly housebroken and crate trained Kashi is a very loving, affectionate and happy dog who will make some lucky family a wonderful lifelong companion and pet You can donate by clicking on the donation button below WON'T YOU PLEASE HELP US HELP KASHI? UNTIL A LOVING PERMANENT HOME CAN BE FOUND FOR HER? If you can help us to defray the costs of saving Kashi and helping with her medical bills please click on the button below: If you are interested in giving Kashi a loving home when she's ready for adoption please fill out an adoption application We are seeking a home with a secure fenced in play area for Kashi A home with children is fine preferrably only one or two children. More info coming on Kashi soon once she's feeling better ADOPTION APPLICATION Kashi is not yet available for adoption