Tina *UPDATED*, Dog, Italian Greyhound (short coat)

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Italian Greyhound (short coat)
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Italian Greyhound
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Tan/Yellow/Fawn with White
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Tina is a tiny little blue fawn female Italian Greyhound, born on New Year Day in 2007, so she's still very much a baby! Tina came to us from a very loving and caring owner who got a little more then she bargained for when she took in a dog from a breeder, and found out shortly there after that she was pregnant. Tina is one of this dog's 5 puppies. Tina has grade 4 luxating patellas, a hereditary defect that caused her knee caps to slip out of joint. When the owner found out, she did the best thing she could and signed her over to rescue to get the care she needs. She's really a doll, and loves people! We will know more about her condition next week and will post an update :) Tina is just a lover, she is such a sweet little girl! She lives to snuggle and kiss, you can't help but fall in love! As all puppies, everything is a toy to her, but she's learning very quickly what she can and can't do, and is picking up on house training pretty fast as well! She's very eager to learn, and is going to make a wonderful pet for someone!!! Due to her bad knees, size, and age, we won't adopt Tina out to a family with large, active dogs that my injure her, or small children. We also prefer that Tina goes to a home that has owned this breed in the past, but may consider someone who knows alot about their care. Being a puppy, she's very active and playful, and needs just the right home. We also would like to see her go to a home with another IG, although that's not required. Also due to her condition, we would prefer that Tina stay close enough that we can keep an eye on her throughout her life. We will consider those in neighboring states, but really prefer that she stay in Northern Utah, Southern Idaho, or western Wyoming. If you would like more information on Tina, or would like to donate towards the cost of her surgery and after care, please contact us. *UPDATE* I just returned from the vet with little Tina, and the news was worse then we'd anticipated. The reason for her patella being so bad is that the bones in her left leg are actually bowed instead of being straight. Tina is probably going to need major surgery to correct this problem and provide her with a better quality of life. We are urgently seeking donations to help care for Tina, as her surgery alone will likely run at least $3000. The good news is the right leg is only a grade 2 luxation, and may not require surgery to repair, as many dogs go through life with a grade 2 and never have any problems from it. Despite her handicap, Tina still loves to run and play, she tires more quickly then most puppies, and really limps on her bad leg, especially after playing. We are once again accepting applications for Tina, but we are going to keep her in foster care until after she's had her surgery and had time to recover from it. PLEASE, BEFORE SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION, MAKE SURE YOU ARE FINANCIALLY READY TO CARE FOR TINA LONG TERM, SHE IS A SPECIAL NEEDS DOG AND WILL VERY LIKELY NEED CONTINUED VETERINARY CARE THROUGHOUT HER LIFE AND HER VET BILLS WILL VERY LIKELY BE MUCH HIGHER THEN IT WOULD COST TO CARE FOR THE AVERAGE DOG! *UPDATE* Tina's condition is once again being re-evaluated. Her not being able to properly use her 'bad' leg is putting a strain on her 'good' leg that had the grade 2 patella luxation. The vet is now concerned that doing the surgery as originally planned is going to put to much strain on her right leg while it heals, and may cause that leg to worsen. We're considering abandoning surgical plans for now and getting Tina a wheelchair to help her get around easier, and then re-evaluating her for surgery when she's over a year and her bones and muscles are more mature. Tina will probably remain in the care of our rescue for some time, as we won't release her to a forever home until we have a better idea of her long-term prognosis. Tina's vet bills are adding up quickly as we continue to go to the specialist for evaluations. We're also heavily considering adding a veterinary chiropractor to her veterinary team to help strengthen her body as much as we can while we wait for her to mature and can make more long-term plans. We're spending a minimum of $500/month in vet care right now, and the rescue budget is really feeling the strain, we're still paying on Molly's bills (http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=8296661) from her bad leg break last winter, and the rescue is really struggling to keep up on her bills on top of Tina's, and still provide vet care for all the other IGs that come through our rescue! Even if you can only afford $5 of $10, 100 people giving $5 helps just as much as 5 people giving $100!!!! *UPDATE* We've taken Tina to a specialist in Idaho that's one of the best bone doctors we know!!!!!!! He's got some specialized procedures and tools that even alot of other specialists don't have access to at this time to manipulate her bones into just the right shape. He's taken a look at Tina's x-rays, taken some measurements, and is giving Tina a good chance of being able regain most, if not all, of the use of her leg using his method. After going over options with him, we've set at tentitive date for her surgery for August 22, 2007. We'll post another update as soon as we know more. We are now selling IG T-shirts and custom photo nightlights to raise funds to pay for her surgery - Contact us for more info. *UPDATE* Tina had surgery to fix her leg on the 23rd of August. She's now recovering from surgery and doing quite well. The surgery took longer then anticipated, but we're expecting a complete recover once she's all the way healed. At this point in time she's still hesitant to use the leg, but with proper physical therapy and work, we expect her to be able to walk properly on the leg within the next few months. The cost of the surgery was lower then anticipated to our delight, but we still have a little ways to go before the bill is paid of. Tina will be ready for adoption in about 6 weeks now once the vet has given her the all clear. Due to the Tina's special needs, we're asking that no out of area adopters apply, we want to keep Tina local, so if she does ever have problems with that leg again she can be taken back to the vet that's done the surgery and knows exactly what he's had to put in there to strengthen and correct her leg. *UPDATE 10/08/07*Tina's leg is growing stronger all the time, she uses it very well when she runs now, but still doesn't use it much when she's just walking. The muscle is slowly building back up on the leg from the months she was unable to use it much. We took Tina back to the specialist today for a checkup, and everything looked great, in time they want to take out the pin that's holding her tibial crest in place, as the metal will cause pain in cold weather, so we are planning on having that surgery done as soon as the vet feels she's ready, but everyone involved in Tina's case feels that as time goes on, she'll regain more and more use of that leg until she's able to use it like any other dog would. *Update 01/10/2008*Tina is improving all the time, all the pins and wires in her leg have been removed, and Tina's well on her way to a full recovery. She uses the leg regularly now, although she still limps and carries the leg, but the vet feels this is more out of habit then anything else, with continued physical therapy and patience, there's a good chance she'll eventually learn to use it like any other dog, although she will probably always have a slight limp. Her final check up is scheduled for tomorrow, when we expect the vet to give her the all clear to find a new home. Tina turned a year old on New years Day, she's been with us for about 10 months now, and boy is it going to be hard to see this little girl go to her forever home, she's been so wonderful to have here, she brings joy to everyone she meets! We know that the perfect home is just waiting for her! Maybe it's yours! Tina LOVES other dogs, so I will only accept applications where there is another dog in the home.