Peanut, Dog, Italian Greyhound (short coat)

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Italian Greyhound (short coat)
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Italian Greyhound
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Peanut is one of the smallest IGs we have ever seen, weighing only about 6.5 lbs as an adult. She is approximately 4-6 years old. Her current owner doesn't really know as she rescued her and her history is unknown. Peanut is kind of a chocolate brown color with some white on her chest and feet. Her jaw is a little crooked where it was broken (this is what the vet seems to think happened anyway) and he previous owner had some dental surgery done and some teeth removed in early 2007. Her ears are perfect and she looks like she is well-bred, just very small. She does like to sleep with her people, usually on the pillow by my head.Here is more of a description from her current owner:She was very abused and nearly starved to death when I got her, but is happy and healthy now. Her jaw had been broken and never treated, so as a result she has to have routine dental care. She does best on soft food but this means regular dental cleaning. She is not totally housebroken (pretty common/normal for IGs I know) but is crate trained. I was told she was in a puppy mill breeding program and has had several litters.She is spayed and the tiniest IG I have ever seen (weighed 3.5 lbs when I got her and is up to around 6 now). She is very friendly and affectionate, although not entirely trusting of strangers (pretty common for IGs though). She has come a long way in the last year and has an adorable personality. She does well with other dogs, cats, kids etc and there is not a mean bone in her body. She is also very quiet, although has started to talk a little with much encouragement. I was afraid she had her vocal chords destroyed but she has a voice! She is pretty good about the potty training but has to have someone around to let her out very often as she cannot hold it for long. If you can help me place her I would really appreciate it!She is not at all hyper, although she greets me with her little dance and squeak when I get home from work. She is very content to lay quietly on the couch with you (or ON you) and will follow you from room to room sometimes. She does go off on her own sometimes too, so I wouldn't say she has any disturbing separation issues. She is a little timid around strangers but has started warming up to new people very quickly now. When I first got her she would just hide behind me or run from new people. I have three other dogs.........all larger than her and generally more rambunctious.....and she gets along very well with them. She won't be bullied but she doesn't pick a fight or act snooty to them either. She seems to know she is fragile so when they are all bouncing around she tries to stay out of their way. She does fine with my four cats (who also outweigh her)......... No gender issues with any of the dogs or cats. There is no separation anxiety any more to speak of..........she does prefer to be where I am but she does not howl and go crazy if I leave her alone. Her crate is always open and sometimes she will just go in there on her own and go to sleep. She does sleep in my bed at night with me but I crate her during the day due to her potty issues. She is just too tiny to wait hours on end to potty, which is another reason it is hard for me to keep her.She really is an adorable little dog with few, if any, hang-ups from her past abuse. She is very loving and loyal.