Francis (Cess), Dog, Italian Greyhound (short coat)

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Italian Greyhound (short coat)
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Italian Greyhound
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Please contact Jane ( for more information about this pet. This little girl could be nicknamed wiggly butt. Francis is a 2 year old pure-bred Italian Greyhound. She will be adopted only to a home without children as she has had bad experience with children before from what we know. She was surrendered to the Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha in January, and we signed her over mid-month because she didn't like the shelter environment. She is a very sweet and loving little girl. She is a little leary of people at first, but she settled right in with the other dogs at her foster home and will get on your lap for a pet. She is a great eater and puts up with most noises and situations, just refuses to be picked up unless it is her idea. She will make a great pet for a household with NO children. Francis comes with her breeder paperwork. Francis was adopted out in February, but has come back to rescue due to the person facing medical issues. Francis has been trained to go potty on a leash outdoors additionally at her new home, and she loves to lay in the sun. She does like to dart toward the door if given the opportunity, so a home with a fence is absolutely needed for this girl otherwise she run around the neighborhood thinking it is a game to catch her. She is one of the smartest dogs we have had in foster care. She learns everything quickly... leash trained, stairs, kennel, potty, sit, no, off. A friend brought her kids to the foster home and she growled and barked at all of them for about 5 minutes. I put her leash on her and had Tanya give her a cookie. I had the kids sit on the couch and let her get used to them. She jumped on my lap in a chair and let the kids approach her, give her a cookie, and pet her very gently. She is comfortable with adults right away (as in my adult son) who visits occasionally. She is good with my dogs and really loves to play with humans and be a lap girl. She would be perfect for an all adult or adult/teen household. I would not recommend a household with children or frequent visiting grandchildren... sudden moves by the kids yesterday sent her right under the dining room table. Obviously her previous home was a nightmare for her!! Potty training is complete. She is a real honey. Francis is being fostered in Omaha, NE.