Stevie, Dog, Irish Wolfhound / Mixed

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Irish Wolfhound / Mixed
Primary Breed: 
Irish Wolfhound
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Special Needs: 
Stevie was found wandering stray in a field in Indiana, and we received an email plea asking us to help him. The woman who found him was determined to not let him go to a shelter, because as you see, Stevie is blind, and she really thought his chances of being adopted were nil because of his disability. He was also found to be Heartworm positive, and has since been treated for this disease. He will need to be retested in a few months. Stevie is the sweetest, calmest, most gentle dog I know. He is content to just lay by your feet, and he loves to cuddle. His foster mom in Indiana taught him how to go up and down stairs by telling him 'Stevie, UP' and 'Stevie, DOWN'. He trusts in you completely to be his eyes--he doesn't have a choice. Stevie does not let his disability get him down. We humans could learn so much from him! Stevie has been seen by ophthalmologist Dr. Bowersox at the Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware, and has been diagnosed with Progressive Retinal Atrophy. He also has cataracts forming in both eyes. Simply put, this is a disease that causes a slow deterioration of the retinal tissue in the eye. This disease is hereditary in the Wolfhound breed, and we think he may have been born this way. Dr Bowersox confirmed that Stevie is blind, but that he still has a good quality of life. He will need a calm household, with loving, patient owners who will promise to be his best friends, and his eyes. Because of his disease, he has an increased risk of developing glaucoma, and so needs to be seen by a veterinary ophthalmologist once or twice a year. He is otherwise a happy, smart, well behaved, loving gentleman who gets along great with cats and kids. He is also housebroken. He gets along with dogs, too, but needs to be introduced slowly because he can't see them. This puts him at a disadvantage because he cannot read their body language and the subtle cues they give off, and so gets defensive with most other dogs at first. Stevie got a bath this week. Please contact Jill at Bath Time, 302-836-4086, if you would like more information about grooming services. Come to one of our greets or schedule a time to meet Stevie! He will steal your heart right away!