Simple Problem, Dog, Greyhound

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See Simple Problem's Homepage This boy is gorgeous but he doesn't know it yet--just look at his eyes. This 2 year old boy is shy but in a foster home with other greys to learn how good life can be. He is so sweet and hopefully with some good home life and teaching from the other greys he will gain some confidence. He is afraid of the cat. This boy will most likely need to be with another greyhound and have a fenced yard.FOSTER MOM UPDATE:Simi is a sweet dog and very handsome..he gets along well with my other Grey and my mix breeds, even the 8 pound Dachshund mix. He really hasn't bothered with the cats. He loves to run in the backyard and he walks on a leash nicely. He is still wary of people....when on a leash he tries to hide behind me if a person approaches, but we are working on that. Also, he is finally venturing out of his crate on his own. He wants to trust , you can see it, but he is still fearful of hands. He does put his nose and muzzle into my hand now for a scratch...and he has learned to wait instead of charging out of the door and gate...then he looks at me as if to say 'did I do good?'