Boulder, Dog, Greyhound

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See Boulder's Homepage Boulder came to GFNJ as his people went into a nursing home and no one could take care of this sweet, sweet boy. He was living in his house alone for several months--he was being fed regularly but missed that TLC. Fortunately, a call was made to us and within only several hours, he was in foster care and loving life. Boulder is a sweet, friendly and gorgeous 9 year old boy. He is living with other greys, kids and is cat tolerant. Won't you consider giving this sweet boy a second and forever home? Boulder is not tattooed and was acquired about 8 years ago by the owners from a breeder.FOSTER UPDATE 12/8/2008 When Boulder came to our home, he fit into our family beautifully. He is a very happy, affectionate dog, and a joy to be around. Boulder has enjoyed the company of our three greyhounds and made friends with all of them very quickly. He also enjoys the company of our four children and gets along well with all of them. He has a very easygoing and relaxed personality and is always wagging his tail and wanting to play. When he came here, I found that he had had some training. He obeys the commands 'sit' and 'down'. The time he spent alone has obviously not affected his loving disposition at all. One would never believe that he is nine years old. I don't think he knows it himself! He can be very playful both with us and our dogs. Boulder is fully housebroken and walks well on a leash and doesn't seem to have any problems with small animals at all. The only things he seems to require are regular feedings, a soft bed to sleep in, and lots of love and affection, all of which we are more than happy to provide. I believe Boulder would make a wonderful addition to any family. He has proven to be a great companion to us and has found a special place in our lives and our hearts. I know he would do the same for any loving family lucky enough to give him a permanent home.