Aljo Mug Shot, Dog, Greyhound

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See Aljo Mug Shot's Homepage Adoption Pending!Aljo Mug Shot--what a name for the cutest little lady. This beautiful girl is sweet, calm and just chocked full of personality. We could not believe that she is 7 years young--she carries her age very well and looks fantastic. Little Aljo Mug Shot is cat tolerant with supervision. This brood lady is in a foster home.FOSTER HOME UPDATE:The only question in my mind is which of the long line of applicants for this gorgeous little red haired girl is going to be the lucky one who gets to walk by her side in the St. Patty's Day Parade! Meggie (she's just too lovely to be called Mugsie) is so much more than just a beautiful face. She's sweetly affectionate, incredibly smart, and very eager to please. Not once has she had an accident in the house from the first day she walked in. She even learned by day two how to ask to go out. Meg is working successfully on her 'sit', and her 'down', and learned quickly to march right to her bed to eat her treats at cookie time. Meggie walks elegantly on lead, and while she's a bit shy at first, during a shopping trip to Petsmart on Sunday she attracted dozens of admirers who she deemed worthy of petting her. She gets along wonderfully with our greyhound, and lays right next to her when she can. Meg no longer needs to be crated, and has earned unrestricted access to the entire first floor. We're not sure exactly how well Meg will do with cats, but seemed to do well with the small dogs she's met. With an adopter experienced in gh/cat intro, supervision, and correction, she would probably do fine in house with a confident feline. At just 7 years young the magnificent Meg is too young for us to keep, but if she were older she'd be ours forever in a heartbeat. This one's a clear winner.