Boone - PENDING!!, Dog, Great Pyrenees (long coat)

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Great Pyrenees (long coat)
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Great Pyrenees
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Boone is a slightly flawed, extraordinarily sweet natured, neutered male, purebred Great Pyrenees, just barely 2 years old. Big healthy guy now, he weighs 123 lbs. No known bad habits like digging, barking, aggression. He LOVES children, cats, has no problems with other dogs, will peacefully coexist with chickens even. Boone was found 'skin stretched over bones' on a major highway, nickel sized ticks, had to be shaved and nursed back to health from near starvation. Boone had been shot in the L rear knee with a .22 caliber hollow point bullet that exploded upon impact with his knee, resulting in shrapnel that cannot be removed. We are asking for a special, forever family to recognize that this dog's profound love for people and all other living things, makes him a truly, hard to find, special companion, a rare gem. This dog adores children, soaks up physical affection like a sponge to the point where even when hungry, he will forego food for a hug, or just to sit beside you. We would like a 'low impact' lifestyle for him, to be as active, or not, as he wishes. Pyrs are lovers, but this guy is exceptional. Big guys like this just oozing affection, don't come along very often. He is a very, very special boy to have survived what he did, and seems to have no negative baggage, so far. Traditional above ground fencing, veterinary reference, home visit and adoption contract required to adopt this truly, one of a kind guy.NGPR Pooch Profile Name: Boone Age: 2 yrs Color: White Dew Claws: yes Estimated Adult Weight: 130 lbs Origin: MO Current Location: Ava, MO Medical: Neutered, dewormed, negative for heartworm, up-to-date on vaccinations and currently on flea, tick and heartworm preventative. This dog travels with a Interstate Health Certificate required by the USDA confirming that all the above criteria have been met. Gunshot wound (old) L rear knee, inoperable, slight limp, but can walk & run on all 4. Will require arthritis meds when older. Housebroken: working on Can be Placed With: Kids, Cats, Other Dogs Fencing: Secure VISIBLE fencing is requiredFees:$250 adoption plus transport which can be easily arranged to most locations. Please fill out our short APPLICATION FORM and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Thanks. About Us: National Great Pyrenees Rescue (NGPR) is not a shelter. We are a not-for-profit, tax-exempt coalition of Pyr rescuers and rescue groups. We save Pyrs and Pyr mixes across the country and place them in approved foster homes to learn how they will interact with your family. Every dog who is fostered or adopted makes room for another Pyr coming out of a kill shelter. NGPR dogs are fostered for a minimum of two weeks or more, spayed or neutered and fully vetted before placement. To apply for Boone, please go to, fill out and submit via e-mail. NGPR will take back any dog who does not succeed in its new home. Many NGPR volunteers are members of the AKC breed club, adhere to their rescue guidelines for purebred Pyrs and apply these standards to the adoption of Pyr mixes as well. Visit to learn more about us, our mission and our breed. More Information: Questions? The fastest way to learn more about a dog is to fill out the application form below. If you call or e-mail you are reducing your chances of adopting this animal as we direct our time and energy to first serving those who apply. For more information about our adoption process please visit our adoption information page. Want to help but can’t adopt now? You can make a tax-exempt donation by visiting our donation page. This exceptional Great Pyrenees dog has been selected for sponsorship by National Great Pyrenees Rescue (NGPR)We have many Pyrs and Pyr mixes who need homes and not all of them are posted. You can see more of these beautiful dogs by clicking on Rescue Dogs. Love this breed? NGPR now has a Rescue Store where your purchase goes to help our rescue dogs and neediest cases.