Zeus, Dog, Great Dane (short coat)

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Great Dane (short coat)
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Great Dane
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CODA (Cleveland Ohio Dog Advocates)1-877-664-1314codadogrescue@givemepaw.comP.O. Box 44092Brooklyn OH 44144 We are also collecting used ink jet and laser jet print cartridges all proceeds go to the rescue dogs You can mail your used printer cartridges to us at: CODAP.O. Box 44092Brooklyn, Ohio 44144 b>UPDATE 8/12/06 Zeus was rushed to the Veterinarian today because he was bleeding from his penis. Dr. Brian did a urinalysis that was sent to the lab to determine what caused the bleeding Zeus appears to not be having any further problems although he is on antibiotics as the urinalysis indicated a slight bacterial infection SPECIAL REQUEST Zeus is recovering well from his bloat/torsion surgery peformed on 8/1/05 Total cost of surgery $1027 THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED FOR ZEUS'S SURGERY HIS VET BILL IS PAID IN FULL Special thank you's to the following donors for Zeus Mary Bittennes-Hiram Ohio Cherie Damron- Burton Ohio Barbara Baechtel- Washington D.C. Connie Adams-Marrietta Georgia Kim Kapanka-Madison Heights Michigan Walter Skrzypek-Falls Creek PA Kirsten Koller- Kirkel Germany Trish Zdrojewski-Aliquippa Pa Pamela Ehlers-Alabaster AL UPDATE 9.26.05 Zeus is doing wonderful and is back up to his normal weight .Zeus felt so good that he donned a costume and attended Dr.Brian's Project Noah 'Pooch Parade and Costume Contest today Photo added of Zeus in his dracula costume cuddling with our adoptable Deaf Bull Terrier Blake dressed as a pumpkin UPDATE 9/9/05 Zeus is regaining weight wonderfully and continues to do well UPDATE 8/27/05 Zeus is doing wonderful. His staples were removed and he was very cooperative even though it hurt quite a bit having so many staples removed from his abdomen/chest area. His favorite vet tech Jason hugged Zeus and kissed his nose to help keep his mind off of the pain while his staples were removed while our Director and another vet tech helped to keep him calm and still Zeus is very thin after this life threatening experience but his appetite is wonderful and we're working at getting Zeus back up to his normal weight. Zeus wants to be held and cuddled all the time even more-so than before he bloated Zeus will be returning next week for a follow up visit with Dr. Brian___________________________________________________ UPDATE 2PM 8/2/05 Update on Zeus our CODA blind Great Dane- Zeus made it through the night with flying colors. I visited with Zeus at Gateway Animal Clinic in Cleveland Ohio this morning at 10 am. He had stood up several times this morning but the vet techs were not able to convince Zeus to step out of the cage because there was a little metal strip across the bottom by the door that raised up above the floor and Zeus had slid his paws under the metal strip when he tried the first time and then he thought there were stairs in front of him or a drop off so layed back down and wouldn't get back up for the techs to walk him or take him outside to use the bathroom. He was still pretty groggy from the anethesia also. When I walked in I was happy to hear everyone working say to me, ' Oh good, you're here . Take him out for a walk' Those words were magic to my ears:) I easily got Zeus out for his walk and he really had to urinate badly and it took him quite a while:) He was still very wobbly so we walked back in and I got him settled back in his cage and puffed up his blankets so he could rest his head comfortably. I stayed with him and stroked him and talked to him for quite a while and then told him to just relax and sleep all day and I'd see him this evening. I also let him know he did so good and that he's over the worst of it now and that we were all praying for him. He snoozed back off to sleep as I was leaving. Heart failure is a concern after a bloat/torsion surgery so please keep Zeus in your prayers. Zeus had to remain at Gateway Animal Clinic for four days on IV fluids before he was released to finish his recovery at his foster home DONATION BUTTON BELOW