Russ, Dog, Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever
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Golden Retriever
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February 10, 2010 Russ' incision has healed up well. Now all we have to do is hope his hair grows back fast. Russ gets into some trouble when he's bored but he's a sweetheart! I have tried to give him something appropriate to chew on and it helps, most of the time. He really likes the Kong, which I often stuff with food and freeze. I'm going to really miss him. There's a mutual attachment. But it's time for Russ to find his forever home.  January 21, 2009 Russ is doing really well a week post-surgery, although he looks a little like a frankenstein-doggie (like someone just stapled his leg on). He had his drain out on Friday (the drain prevented fluid build up in the pocket under the skin where the tumor was removed. Everything is healing up well and he is leaving his incision alone remarkably well. He is able to take short walks now. Am easing him into normal levels of activity. Sutures and staples come out next week. His eye is also looking great. During his surgery, it was very easy to snip off that little tag in the corner of his eye, as it was attached by only a tiny strand. Now, his eye no longer looks irritated and weepy. The results of the pathology came back showing that the tumor was cancerous. It is called a liposarcoma (unlike the benign fatty tumors called lipomas). Very uncommon--my vet has seen only one other one since she started practicing. Fortunately, it is a type of cancer that does not tend to spread. Prognosis is excellent. She recommends having him examined by a vet every 3 months for the next year to make sure it doesn't grow back. Russ is being such a good dog with only one minor flaw. He does like to chew on the edges of dog beds. Two of our beds have fallen victim to him. He doesn't eat them, but leaves little one to two inch square pieces. I have tried giving him other things to chew on (from Kongs to nylabones, rope toys), but he still prefers the bed. If all goes well, by next week we may be able to start finding him a forever home.