Maizee, Dog, Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever
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Golden Retriever
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Maizee and her Mom Lily arrived about a week ago and have made great strides in overcoming their shyness. They were kept outdoors in a kennel a good deal, but did get an opportunity to come indoors when it was cold or when Mom Lily was having puppies. They also lived with other dogs that were kept mostly for breeding, so they are pretty good at playing and socializing appropriately. Lily has had four litters of puppies, but Maizee never had any because she couldn't conceive according to her previous owner. Both will be fixed soon. Maizee is 4 years old and is a little girl, maybe weighing in at 50 pounds. She has a very sweet puppy face! She was the shyer of the two when she first arrived, but has been the quickest to attach to humans. She was very head shy and is pretty skittish at loud noises or new things she isn't sure of. Brooms, vacuum cleaners, run! She quietly creeps up on the couch or bed with me when she is feeling scared and snuggles in, looking around me curiously from her 'safe' spot with her human. She is very very sweet and loves to play with the other dogs. She is calm and sweet, and very careful. We've had trouble getting her to eat; she is scared another dog might sneak up on her. We've had more luck sitting in a room with her and encouraging her to eat with no other dogs around. She is constantly 'checking in' with me to give her a signal new things are okay and safe. She will be an easy girl to train and so loyal to her owner for giving her the safe life she has been longing for. She is happy to just blend into the crowd and not ask for anything that might get her noticed. She doesn't know how to play and is afraid of toys. She does look to her Mom, Lily, for cues on what to do, where to go. She doesn't venture off on her own much. Maizee is really great about coming when called, or going outside to go poddy when I ask her to. She has full run of the house and has not done one destructive thing, and holds it overnight very well. She is getting into a pattern and is starting to understand there will be poddy breaks to wait for when she goes outside. Since she is used to poddying outside, her training is going very well. I love to snuggle her as much as possible and tell her she is safe now and it's time to learn how to be a Golden!