Lily, Dog, Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever
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Golden Retriever
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Lily and her daughter Maizee arrived about a week ago and have made great strides in overcoming their shyness. They were kept outdoors in a kennel a good deal, but did get an opportunity to come indoors when it was cold or when Mom Lily was having puppies. They also lived with other dogs who were kept mostly for breeding, so they are pretty good at playing and socializing appropriately. Lily has had four litters of puppies and is in heat right now. (Thank goodness not pregnant and no chance of that with all the dogs here fixed!) Of course the boys are enamored by her, and that hasn't stopped the 'Love Fest' when she arrived. Especially my long-term foster boy Hemingway. He follows her everywhere and will do anything for her. He is smitten with the three ladies I have in foster care right now, especially Lily in her state. He's like 'Hemy Heffner' in his mansion. Just add the red robe and pipe! If I catch him in the hot tub with the girls, though, we'll have to have a talk. Ha. The one good thing is that it's made all the dogs socialize and want to play together, and for Lily to be open to playing with the others immediately. She was shy in her assessment, but was sure ready to play when she got here! She is very outgoing with other dogs and loves to bolt out the back door and run happy laps around the yard. The snow might have something to do with it, too. They love the snow! It's taken her a little more time to warm up to humans, but she has come around very nicely. She wanted to hang out in the bathroom at first, kept looking around the door to see if it was safe to come out and if the humans were friendly. She drops down on the floor and hides her head sometimes, like she is afraid. She has been rolling over to show us her belly now, and after a belly pet, she understands we aren't going to hurt her, and she is up with her head in our lap in no time. She is now soliciting a lot of pets and love from us. Her head is in my lap right now as I type. I give her a few pets, she gives me a lick and then she goes and finds a doggy bed to snuggle up on. Preferebly with Hemy, Maizee or Bugsy. It's amazing to me how the dogs who come from similar backgrounds seem to stick together. She was a little growly at first over her food, and carried her dog bowl around, slinging it's contents everywhere so no one could get her food. She now sits calmly or lays down and eats. She is no longer worried about having to protect her bowl to be sure she gets food. She and Maizee were also in need of a bath when they arrived. Two baths have really helped their coats and made them more comfortable. They have really nice healthy coats. And, both dogs were kept up to date on their shots, so I feel good we'll have good news about their health when we get them to the vet soon. Lily is going to be a very outgoing but respectful dog. She already shows big signs of this in only a week. I see her learning to play very quickly. She's very smart and really is a beautiful Golden girl. she has a narrow sweet head with very kind eyes. I can't wait for her to have a dog's life like she deserves. No more puppies, no more lonely nights outdoors waiting for the pets she deserves.