Catcher - 7 mo. old, Dog, Golden Retriever (medium coat)

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Golden Retriever (medium coat)
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Golden Retriever
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SPORTING NEWS: Pups snag MIP and MVP awards even before playoffs! That’s Most Improved Puppies & Most Versatile Puppies, of course. We’ll have recent pictures of Catcher soon, but for a hint, just check out the new snaps of his “big” sis Basey! Her coat is almost all grown in, and it’s nice and soft. Her eyeliner is even darker than it was. Now that Catcher is the only puppy in the house, it’s easier to focus on his training. He’s even getting in some play time with his grown-up foster sister Tango, who didn’t want to deal with TWO pups, but has decided that one puppy is manageable and can even be fun. And talk about versatility… in a bid to improve their all-around game and “marketability” in the majors, the pups have decided to participate in the Golden AND Lab leagues, not to mention the Little League (they are going to be on the small side) and perhaps even Hounds across America. Yes, at this stage in the game, as the happy trio grows and gets healthier, we can see there’s a little bit “extra” in the family tree! It will be fun to watch them over the next months as those adult coats grow in. You can already see wavy fur along their backs and little feathers appearing on their tails. More news to come! Update 08/11: Hi everyone, I have been living in my foster home for a few weeks now and boy is it fun. Playing with my sis, enjoying the baby pool on these hot days, eating, napping, learning new things… Mom comments that I am a really curious boy and always investigating something. It’s true! Life is very, very fun and so interesting. I am learning to retrieve: I will go get a ball and bring it right back and drop it on command. How impressive is that?! True to my name, I am a genuine ball player and love to attack toys with a giant leap. This is very cute, or so I am told. (: Leash walking… well, I see my sister tattled on me. Right now Mom says it’s like leading a bucking bronco to take me for a walk, but don’t worry, I will figure it out! I am outgoing, intelligent, and eager to please. I love people and like to sit on any convenient lap. The mange spots on my face and both shoulders have cleared up and grown hair, so I know the patches on my hips will soon be furry, too. I am doing great and hope to meet my new family soon! NEWS FLASH – AMAZING STORIES IN SPORTS! FROM HOMELESS & HAIRLESS TO HOME-RUN HEROES! * SHELTER PUPS DEFY THE ODDS, STEAL HEARTS & ENJOY “HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK” SUCCESS * * TALENTED TRIO SURE TO BE A HOT PROPERTY… PRO SCOUTS ALREADY LINING UP FOR “SOLID GOLD” PROSPECTS BASEY, CATCHER, and STRIKE… “HOME” TEAMS THROUGHOUT CENTRAL TEXAS ANXIOUSLY AWAIT PUPS’ ELIGIBILITY DATE * READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE: They sure didn’t look like future All-Stars. Brought to a local shelter at just 6 weeks old, the puppies were weak, worm-infested, and completely hairless from an apparent skin infection—nobody could even guess at their breed. Their condition was so poor that they were slated for immediate euthanasia. But these lucky pups already had someone in their corner: a rescue group was on the lookout for just such “hopeless” cases, and promptly spirited the little litter to their kennel facility for intensive medical care. Antibiotics did make the pups feel better, but before too long the staff realized that the hair loss was due to demodectic mange, not a simple infection. Mange treatment is long-term… and even after 6 weeks, the problem wasn’t gone. It became clear that the trio needed other accommodations—they were taking up space that other, more immediately adoptable shelter puppies desperately needed. Fortunately, something else had become clear, too. Platinum blonde fur was growing in, big floppy ears were lengthening out: the puppies were Golden Retrievers! The GRR recruiters were contacted—and Basey and her brothers Catcher and Strike soon headed off to “training camp” at a couple of extra-special foster homes. The regimen includes one medication for mange, another one for giardia (an intestinal parasite), a third one for skin infection, and frequent medicated shampoos—and it’s working. The “pups of summer” will eventually be ready to head out to their new teams, though we can’t say exactly when—so watch this page for updates on their progress. And if there’s anyone out there who is interested in taking a pup before he or she is officially “eligible,” please contact us! We’ll give you all the details of the treatment and the timetable for repeat vet checks. Catcher had a few rocky days—he was a little more stressed than his brother and sister—but he’s turned the corner and will soon be ready to trot out out of the bullpen as an All-Pro starter! He and Basey are fostering together and growing fast—Catch has already gained a pound. Says foster mom Marilyn, “He loves to chase tennis balls already & as you can see, he’s getting the feel of that catcher’s mitt. We are practicing clicker training with a string cheese reward & he seems to know ‘come’ with the clicker. In fact , he already responds very well to a couple of commands. He’s getting over his bout of tummy trouble and acting perkier. He loves apples for treats and sterilized bones for chewing. He’s smaller than his sister but he keeps up with her. He is very cute to watch outside—he was startled by a lizard or frog and backed up and barked. After nap time, I took them outside and he ran back to the same place and barked and dug. I checked to see what it was: a black rock. He was ON IT. Little Catcher is a doll!”