Buddy - 8 yr old, Dog, Golden Retriever (medium coat)

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Golden Retriever (medium coat)
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Golden Retriever
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update 05/18/2008 Buddy here! It’s been a while since my last report. I’ve been busy learning about the indoor life and starting my heartworm treatment. I’ll have my second shot near the end of May, and another few weeks after that I’ll be ready to find my forever home! My foster dad says: Buddy is doing great. He was really sore for a a couple of days after his first injection (on April 29), but he's back to his old self now. Found the mud this morning after the rain. Typical Golden! It's hard to keep him quiet. Potty training is going fine. He does have the occasional accident at night. My guys all know to wake me up when they need to use the facilities… he just hasn't quite figured that out yet. He will! His personality is great, too. He likes to chase and play keep-away with the ball, especially with the other dogs. He is also getting better in the crate. He eats and gets all his snacks in it, so now it's not such a scary place. We’ve learned that he doesn’t like storms—he’s one of those early-warning Goldens who paces when he knows bad weather is coming. When the storm hits, though, he just finds a nice place to hide, such as under a desk. He's a fantastic guy! Age is just a number! Bouncy BUDDY M may be 8 years old according to the calendar, but he acts like a spunky 3-year-old… which is how he wound up in rescue. Bored living in a small backyard, the clever dog became an expert at scaling the 4-foot fence and going for social strolls around the surrounding neighborhoods. The long arm of the law caught up with the rambling Golden once too often, and his owners finally decided not to bail him out of the shelter yet one more time. Enter Buddy’s wonderful neighbor, who had been looking out for him for many months and promptly contacted GRR for help. A day later he was in custody in his foster home! Buddy does need heartworm treatment, but after that he’ll be ready to move into that perfect home.