Bo, Dog, German Shorthaired Pointer

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German Shorthaired Pointer
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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Bo is an incredibly sweet three year old neutered male who weighs 52 lbs. He is up to date, microchipped, and ready to roll. Bo was born to a backyard breeder and due to a fierce attack as a puppy, developed cherry eyes in both eyes. The breeder didn't fix his eyes and couldn't sell him so kept him for three years in a small pen until a rescue volunteer saw Bo and convinced the breeder that the rescue could fix Bo's eyes and then find him a great home. Bo's eyes were fixed by the Virginia Tech Teaching hospital and the opthamologists there did an amazing job; Bo's eyes look fabulous! One eye looks slightly sad and droopy when he's tired and Bo is learning to work that to his advantage:-) The vets and vet students helped socialize Bo for the two days he was hospitalized so he returned to his foster home a less timid dog. His eyes now operate completely normally and are no longer dry and painful. He has finished his antibiotics and requires no ongoing eye care. Bo is fairly submissive and gets on well with both male and female dogs, especially our 3 year old female poodle with whom he plays constantly. Bo also does well with our indoor cats. He understands they have sharp pointy ends and has shown no direct interest in them, and in fact, initially moved away from them very quickly on sight. Bo is progressing normally with his house training and has no accidents when he is let out regularly. We don't have a dog door but he could learn to use one easily. Bo respects our 5 foot fence but did easily jump a 3 foot section to see where his foster parents had gone. Bo wants to see where his people are and will follow them from room to room. He has not dug at all in our yard. Bo mostly plays with appropriate dog toys but has picked up a few things he shouldn't play with so a bit of puppy proofing should be expected. When we aren't watching him and he picks up something inappropriate, a quick 'aaah' usually makes him drop it. He does enjoy ripping apart dog toys so if you have a large stuffed animal collection, place it in a closet. He also likes chew bones and his teeth are now pearly white. Bo is safely crated in an airline crate when no one is home, for up to 4 hours at a time. He is not happy crated and has escaped from a normal wire crate by bending the sides. He is calmer in the airline crate because he can't escape it. Although he dislikes being crated, he is not afraid to go into the crate to nap, or to take out bones and rawhides when he is loose. He could probably transition pretty quickly from being crated once he is adopted. Bo sleeps through the night on a dog bed in our bedroom. He is happiest with his pack. Bo has learned that good things come to those who sit. He is also learning 'find your spot' (to pee on command), stay, lay down, and wait. His leash skills are OK for a beginner and will improve quickly if he is leash walked regularly. He doesn't pull on the leash but is a bit erratic. Because he is a somewhat timid and easily correctable dog, Bo would do well with a positive reinforcement obedience class with his adopter. This kind of a class would help build his confidence, help bond him to his adopter more quickly, and socialize him further. Bo's ideal adopter(s) would either have another playful dog or be ready to spend a lot of time with Bo. He would not do well in a situation where he was expected to spend a lot of time alone. Once comfortable in his surroundings, Bo is a delightful, funny, and easy going dog. He has a medium energy level and would do well with a walker or hiker, but no marathoners need apply. Bo would simply rather be snoozing in the sun. Bo is being fostered near Roanoke, VA.