Temmy, Dog, German Shepherd Dog / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)

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German Shepherd Dog / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
German Shepherd Dog
Secondary Breed: 
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Tan/Yellow/Fawn with Black
Coat Length: 
www.TheLastResortRescue.com This is poor Temmy (Temen is original name). While we were picking up dogs off of transport that we had already pulled from kill shelters, the driver who is also a rescuer in GA asked us if we would take this poor girl.... she was pulled from a kil shelter by another rescuer who then left her there for months and months and never got her. Of course we agreed.... the first thing we saw was an emaciated girl with tiny little scars on her face and body, evidence of the horrible life she had lead so far. The next thing we saw was the m ost gentle, loving, appreciative soul. This poor baby was starving when we fed her immediately. She is currently in a loving foster home getting much needed TLC. Her new foster mom reports that she is an angel. Housebroken, gentle, quiet. She will make anyone an excellent companion and friend. She currently resides with a little yorkie sibling and they do well together. Thanks Jett for giving this girl the TLC she needs in a wonderful foster home! UPDATE FROM FOSTER 12/31/09She's such a cutie pie! She loves to get her picture taken. She sits and smiles for you, as you can see. She very gentle and well behaved. She knows sit and should pick up lie down fairly quickly. Not sure if she's housebroken, but so far so good. She hasn't pooped yet. So, I haven't been able to check that out for you, but will let you know once she does. She likes her crate and has no problem going in and will also go in and hang out to chew a bone or take a nap in there as well. She listens to 'no' well and stays downstairs when I go up. She hasn't even tried to hop up on any furniture. She's very content on a dog bed. She rarely barks and if she does it's once or twice and done. She's not food aggressive. She LOVES to give kisses! She's fine with the little guy. Doesn't really go near him at all. So, I think she'll be fine in a house with smaller dogs and possibly cats as well. I weighed her and she's only 34.5 lbs :( Her paperwork varies between 39-41. So, we'll work on getting her back up there. Her first paperwork in the folder from May 2008 had her at 39 lbs and another one had her bday as 5/27/07 (not sure if it's real). So, she's probably somewhere around 2 1/2 years old I'd guess. She does pull a bit on a leash. I tried the harness on her instead and she's a little better with that. She just loves to sniff and follow a scent, but we'll work on it. All in all, such a doll! New year, new beginnings for her! Update from foster 1/9/10 She LOVES to be outside. So, a fenced backyard that she can chill out in whenever she wants would be a huge plus! Sometimes when we're out there she just lies down in the grass. Not rolls around, just lies down lol. She tends to get a bit depressed when she's in the house a lot and just stares out the window. It's been hard with the cold weather, but we plan to be outside most of the weekend now :)If you are interested in providing Temmy with the life she never knew... please fill out an application. (General inquiries without an application unfortunately cannot be responded to as we get hundreds a week.) Click here for adoption application