Buddy, Dog, German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (short coat)

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German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (short coat)
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German Shepherd Dog
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Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
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Hey there fellas !! If you are looking for a handsome, intelligent, cuddle bug , look no further - yup thats me ! I am going to be a little modest here and let my mommy and daddy first tell you how wonderful i am, and then I am going to impress you some more. From Foster Mom n Dad :Buddy is a wonderful boy, a German Shepherd Wannabe , who asks for nothing but love and belly rubs. He is about 7 years, a big boy, close to 90 pounds. He is very calm and loves to cuddle up next to you. His previous owners did a decent job in training him 'cos he understands the basic commands. Sit- Down- Come are few of the commands he knows well, out of which 'down' is his favorite. He is very intelligent and learns new commands very quickly, for example, he learned not to step into the kitchen in an evening!! He wasn't used to a crate when he came to us, but now believe it or not he LOVES his crate. He knows exactly when its time for bed and walks into his den comfortably. He does pretty well with other dogs, though he does have a small quirk that he is working on diligently....he wants to disclose it himself to everyone, so you'll read about it in a bit. He has grown up with kids, so he does very well around them too. Basically Buddy is low maint enance - Buddy just needs his food, walk and love. He is large, yet very gentle. Overall, he is a great dog, and would be a wonderful companion for any person or family. From Buddy: Alright, so here we go ..... like they said i am a big boy and i completellyyy lovvveee both of them. Mommy says i am one goof ball though. She says everytime i am asked to go down, i throw my legs in the air, literally pleading for a belly rub! Thats the cutest thing she says she has ever seen. I also live with my canine foster sister with whom i get along very well. We play fetch every evening and go on walks in the morning. Oh btw, i dont pull while on the leash - i ve been taught to walk next to my mom and dad. The only time i have a problem with my sister is when she comes to steal my food while i am enjoying a nice meal. She can be pretty nosy i tell you, stealing my toys as well. I dont like it when she is around my things. Apparently, this doesn't please my mom and dad. They say a man's gotta learn to share. Duh ! So now i am being taught to let it go when my sister tries to steal my food and guess what, its actually not that bad. These days i dont mind he r being around me. She just wants to smell stuff. I guess I just need a little coaching and i ll do very well. I absolutely love car rides, the wind in my hair...aah... life is gooood ;). I dont have an urge to get on furniture and beds, i understand they are expensive and I dont want to scratch or tear them,but hey, if you want me on there, i' ll sure hop up!! I can keep myself entertained when you are busy or out of the house so you dont have to worry about that. I am house broken and i ll tell you when i want to go out. One thing i am going to demand however from you is constant pampering. I love being the apple of your eye. So did i impress you enough to be a part of your family? For more information on our adoptable pet list please visit: Adoptable Pet List To fill out an application for this or any other pet please visit: Adoption Application Please join us at our next Adoption Event(s):Petsmart - Burlington, NCAugust 8th from 10am to 12pm AniMall Pet Adoption & Outreach Center - Cary Towne Center August 8th from 1pm to 3pmCary Towne Center is located at: 1105 Walnut St # 200 Cary, NC 27511 Get Directions (919) 481-4203