Auggie, Dog, German Shepherd Dog (medium coat)

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German Shepherd Dog (medium coat)
Primary Breed: 
German Shepherd Dog
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Update from foster mom!! This dog is amazing, and a joy to have around. To think he is overlooked due to age is such a loss, this is a wonderful dog with years of love to give!! Auggie has the German Shepherd smarts, and a lovely way about him. He seems to meet and like people and other dogs very easily. He is a little much for me on leash and since we live way out in the country I started taking him on walks off leash, and that solved that problem (I have several hundred acres of woods around us, and trails all over our property and its safe!!). I can put a collar and leash on him now (we practice sometimes), and he will walk like a gentleman. He never takes off, rarely even gets out of my sight, and comes immediately when I call. Just cant complain at all! Today he was digging for moles in the field when we got back from our walk, and when I wanted to put him in his yard, all I did was call and he left his fun and immediately ran in the gate - from half a field away. I take him with a group of 10 or 12, everything from min pin size to pit bull. He is very mellow and gets along with everyone well. He's energetic and keeps busy, even on the walks, but likes attention and will come up to me several times just to talk-I swear he smiles! He likes treats a lot, but you have to watch because he can get a little grabby. We talk about that with him too and shouldnt be a problem. He is in a yard with about a 4 foot fence, and has never tried to go over. He does like to dig - there are some dig holes in the yard, and some he started at the fence, but has never pursued to the 'escape' limit. There is a chance he would like to chase a cat. It is unknown how consistant he will be with house training and a good plan for a refresher on potti rules would be advisable........once the rules are made out to him, he will follow them..........he is just that kinda guy and smart and eager to please as he is, I doubt that it would take him long. I keep a large water trough in his yard, because he loves to jump in the water after a run. Auggie would love to live with good kind people who are willing to communicate with him and who can spend a ton of time with him. He has jumped in the back of my husband's truck several times, so may have had the chance to ride at some point in his life. He seems to want to go anyway. He has the shepherd coat and is just now shedding the undercoat-he is gorgeous when he gets all slicked out and shiny! I would be so happy to see this dog have an opportunity for happiness after the rough start that he got, and didn't deserve. I have lots of pictures and love to talk about Auggie and share the pics! *******Original post: Auggie was adopted from the Humane Society when he was two, then spent the next three years of his life on a THREE FOOT chain. When his 'caring' owner decided to move, she told her sister to have him euthanized if she couldn't give him away. When he came into rescue he pulled and lunged into the leash so badly that he couldn't be controlled. Now that he lives out in the country in a huge yard, and also goes for walks almost every day, he is a perfect gentleman. He just needs to be able to expend some of his energy, and is grateful to be off a chain! His foster mom wishes that all dogs were as easy as Auggie! He listens beautifully, loves people, and gets along really well with other dogs (but may chase cats). He is a smart, energetic, social dog who deserves to have the rest of his life be wonderful enough to make up for how bad the beginning of it was. Anyone who chooses to give Auggie a home will be rewarded many times over-this dog is beautiful in every way.