RUSTY <3, Dog, German Shepherd Dog / Australian Shepherd / Mixed

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German Shepherd Dog / Australian Shepherd / Mixed
Primary Breed: 
German Shepherd Dog
Secondary Breed: 
Australian Shepherd
House Trained: 
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
ADOPTION PROCESS: No pit bulls or pit mixes will be placed in Dade County. Please EMAIL about the specific pet. We will send you our application for adoption. Applications are reviewed within 24 hours. All adoptions require a home visit with a rescue representative, to be set up after application approval. We require a donation of $200 for puppies and $150 for adults. All rescues have their vaccines, blood tests, heart worm prevention, spayed/neutered and microchip. Dogs also come with a behavioral evaluation. Rusty was adopted by a woman in Virginia four years ago, he was less than a year and had been abused. He was very scared and nervous. While living with his new owner, he got very attached to her and she babied his fear and I think therefore made him into a nervous dog. When I met him, she had had him for almost four years, and she wanted to me to train him to be better with strangers, he was scared of them and a little nippy. When I met him, the energy in the house was terrible. Her new boyfriend did not like Rusty, and I have my suspisions on what emotional trauma may have been occurring. I decided to offer to just take him into my rescue and overhaul his environmental nervousness. For example, he bit a paramedic once three years ago when the medic came to get his owner, who was unconscious... Thing is, my dogs and MOST dogs would do the same. I don't think they ever forgave Rusty for that incident, and just continued to punish him for even just standing there. Bottom line, dogs have teeth and they will protect their owners when under extreme stress. It's in their nature. If the dog is well adjusted and feels confident in his position in the pack that kind of thing doesn't happen. Rusty has been living at my house for about 2 months now, with my whole pack of dogs. He has totally changed demeanor, he holds his head up and wags his tail. And he has a great smile. He loves to play with the other dogs, and he has been very great and loving with all the new people I have introduced him to. I've had him around the neighborhood kids and he has been great with them too. Rusty needs a home that will give him positive feedback. He knows pretty much ever command I've ever tried on him. He is extremely well behaved and a big lover. I think his nervousness was stemming from all negative feedback, because you can even see the change in his from his pictures when he first got here. I think he would be great with a strong character dog to keep up his moral as well. He tends to gravitate toward the positive energy of my big dogs, and if he doesn't know what to do he always looks to me or them to know how to act. He really just wants to please and be appreciated :) Faktura Pet Projekt: Emergency Pet Rescue is dedicated exclusively to the rescue and rehabilitation of severely injured, abused and feral dogs in South Florida. We take in any breed age or size of dog. To see some of our amazing survivors, please visit our website, www. FakturaProjekts. com --Jacquelyn JohnstonFounderFaktura Pet ProjektA 501c3 dedicated to the rescue of feral and abused dogs of any breed in South Florida