Amarettto, Dog, German Shepherd Dog / American Staffordshire Terrier / Mixed

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German Shepherd Dog / American Staffordshire Terrier / Mixed
Primary Breed: 
German Shepherd Dog
Secondary Breed: 
American Staffordshire Terrier
Jack Daniels(M), Whiskey(M), Tequila Sunrise(F), Moonshine(M), Vodka(F), Amaretto(F), Hangover(F) - 8 wk old German shepherd/American Stafford mix arrived 3/24/09. These little pups are big party animals. There the ones that are always causing a ruckus in the pup room. None of these pups are laid back but the calmest one of the bunch has to be Hangover. The girls ( Tequila Sunset, Hangover, Vodka, and Amaretto) are always looking to have fun with whatever - Bathing, nail clipping, when we gave the shots and wormer to them they try to make the best of what is usually not so exciting to most puppies. The girls just wanna have fun. The guys want to be anywhere the excitement is. They just wanna party, party, party all the time. WHEW! If you are interested in this dog/puppy and want additional information (Still available?? Anything not contained in current description??) please call the shelter staff direct at 606-886-3189. PLEASE DO NOT e-mail for particulars. All adult dogs adopted from shelter are bathed and dipped, given all shots, including rabies, are spayed or neutered and have been tested for the presence of heart worms before leaving the shelter. Adoption fee is $50 for puppies too young for rabies vaccinations and $60 for dogs old enough to be vaccinated for Rabies. Dogs being adopted out of state (to rescue organizations for example) require veterinary Health Certification. There is a $10 fee for this in addition to the adoption fee.