Cooper, Dog, Dalmatian (short coat)

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Dalmatian (short coat)
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White with Black
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See Cooper's Homepage 2 year old deaf Dalmatian - high energy, loves people and outdoors, a running dog! Cooper is a fine young Dalmatian. We believe he is about two years old and very energetic. He is a 'deaf' Dalmatian. We have seen no ill effects from his deafness, that is, no unexpected behavior for Dalmatian. He is, as mentioned before, a very energetic young Dal. Cooper would be better situated in an environment that would include extensive walks or preferably runs with his family. He gets along well with the other dogs here at the sanctuary, however, we have not introduced him to everyone. Generally, the companions at the sanctuary are not introduced to cats and children so we cannot say for sure what his behavior would be. Having said that, we strongly believe that he would be just fine around all people, young or old. ADOPTION NOTES:The Hemingway Group provides a special environment for our companions. To insure successful adoption -- there are several things we look for. The first is that most of our companions are on a diet consisting mainly of raw meat, vegetables and fruits (raw diet). Next, the companions at the Hemingway Group are well socialized and used to playing and being with other dogs on a constant basis. Therefore, adoption in most cases should be to a home that already has 1 or more playful & active companions, or adoption of 2 companions from the Group is recommended. This is not an absolute requirement, several of our adoptable companions would do well as an “only pet” but most of our companions would not do was well. Next, our companions are indoor/outdoor dogs and used to running free in large -- very large -- fenced areas for most of the day. Your yard need not be acres large, but clearly a good sized fenced yard or very close dog park and your time to take them regularly is needed. We believe in the Ceasar Millan approach to human and animal behavior, click here for more information. Lastly, we are a small organization -- it is difficult to support any adoption out of state as we require your pre-visit with the companion, our home visit to your location and finally your pickup of your new companion. While not every item mentioned above is mandatory - please consider the environment you can provide a Hemingway Group companion before completing an application. We try very hard to insure a life-time home for our companions. ADOPTION PROCESS: The process is involved -- because when we respect and cherish our companions and want to ensure that they are adopted they find the best home for themselves and their new family. Review the adoption of its and the write up on the companion you are interested in. Click here to complete an online application. Your application will be reviewed and we will make initial contact. If interest continues -- we will have a telephone call where we can review in more detail your desires and requirements and discuss in detail the personality and behaviors of the companion you are requesting. Then we will schedule a visit for you to come by and see your selected companion and/or companions that you are interested in. Next, we will conduct a home visit to see the entire that the companion would be moving it to. Finally, we make arrangements for the companion to join your family. The $200 adoption fee will be due at that time. Visit our main website