Comet, Dog, Dalmatian (short coat)

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Dalmatian (short coat)
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White with Black
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Please contact Melisa ( for more information about this pet. We restrict our adoption area to Maryland, DC, and Virginia. If you are on the boarder of Maryland or Virginia, please apply--decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Hi! My name is Comet and I am a calm, laid back little guy (about 41 pounds) and my tail never stops wagging. I am an older guy at 11.5 years old and the shelter that I was pulled from said, I was a 'sweet old guy.' Not much is known about my background except I was dropped off at the Baltimore Animal Shelter because my family lost their home due to a foreclosure. Everyone suspects that I did not have the best vet care throughout my life. I had some nasty growths under my ear (this one liked to bleed a lot), on top of my head, under my chin and on my elbows as well as a pronounced front limp when I walked. I also was coughing a lot and not too happy because I really did not feel that good. I was very confused as to what was going on and where I was going. Fast forward, two weeks later and I am feeling much better and not so anxious as to what is happening! First, someone called foster mommy took me to her home in the country where there was foster daddy, a nice little boy and four other dogs. I then went to the vet for some tests and an exam. I did not like it when foster mommy left but when I realized my bed was there, I had my own room (something about not wanting the other animals to catch my cough), and everyone was really nice to me and gave me treats, I was fine and did not mind the tests and exam. I was snoozing on my bed when foster mommy picked me up later that day. Before I could get the growths removed, I had to get rid of the cough (which turned out to something called kennel cough) so I was on medicine for a week and a half and that stopped the coughing, I could finally get a full night's sleep! I also had my pre-op blood work and X-rays of my chest to make sure I was OK for surgery and the cough did not affect my heart. All of that was good and I went back to the nice vet's office and had my growths removed. Foster mommy was really happy about that, especially for the one under my ear, because that one was really bleeding the night before my surgery. I was waiting for her out in the waiting area playing with the vet staff when she arrived to pick me up. There were also some kitties out there that I did not seem to mind (I really wanted their kitten food). I am now waiting to get the results back from my growths and to get my stitches out. The stitches do not really bother me and I have not had to wear that cone shaped thing on my head - thank goodness. Oh and they also checked during my surgery and said I was already neutered - whatever that means. The limp that I mentioned earlier is just the way I walk. I had a past injury that healed on it's own and that is how my bone healed, so I will always have that limp. I have completely settled in and love to sniff in the yard and be near my family. I also took a snooze on the front porch the other day because I now know where I am and the routine of the house. It took me a few days to start to trust foster daddy, but now I realize that he is a lot of fun to be around and he taught me how to play with a toy! I now will give him a quick kiss and then run! The seven year old boy of the house is a lot of fun also and he has a lot of energy. I usually walk around the yard while he plays ball. I am also living with four other dogs - all older Dalmatians. Patches, one of the dogs, is my buddy. He will groom me (foster mommy had to stop him from licking my growths even though I thought it felt kind of good and my stitches when I came back from the vet) and he sleeps with me at night. I get along with the other three females as well and just fit in with the crew. We are all enjoying the spring weather. I also need to mention that I have all my shots including the Lyme disease vaccine, am heartworm negative, neutered, and am now on the path to being healthy. Foster mommy gives me heartworm and flea and tick preventative. I am house broken, very sweet, walk well on a leash, and just in general am a happy little guy. So are you are interested in me? If you think I would make a nice addition to your family, please fill out an application. If you liked my story and want to help but cannot adopt, please consider making a donation towards my vet care or becoming a monthly sponsor. Since I am an older guy, chances are I may live my life out in foster care and already my vet bill was around $1,400.00. I hope to hear from you soon! 5/21/09 For information on any of our other great dogs, please see our web page at You can learn all about us and our procedures for adoption. To fill out a no-obligation, on-line application, please go to our web page,, and click on the 'Application' button at the top of the page.