Sweetie, Dog, Dachshund

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See Sweetie's Homepage Hello, my name is Sweetie. I am a double dapple dachshund. I know I am beautiful but this kind of beauty comes at a terrible price. Many double dapple doxies are born completely blind and deaf. I am one of the lucky ones. I can see and hear, not 100% but I get along just fine. As you can see in my pictures, I love kids and my foster mom says I am a very 'mellow girl'. I don't get overly excited about much, expect for dinner, for which I am always ready. I love to go for walks and will 'always' do my business when given the opportunity. I am very good in the house and rarely have an accident, of course you must take me out on a regular basis. I like to stick close to my person, but I am not too much of a cuddler. I love other dogs, but they better stay away from my food. My foster mom says that I can be aggressive to other dogs when it comes to food. Mom thinks maybe I had to fight for my food when I was younger because I do have a bit of a disability. I have no problems with my people removing my dish when eating - I know they don't want to eat it, and who knows, maybe they will add some extra goodies (I hope). I am up to date on all my shots and am heartworm negative now. I did have to undergo heartworm treatment but I am now ready to go to my new home. I am the dog for you if you are looking for a girl to always be close to you but not right on top of you. I am affectionate, but I show it in small ways, with a wag of the tail and a rare kiss. I don't bark much, just when it's time for breakfast or dinner and I am very happy and content to just curl up at your feet. My life hasn't been the easiest but I feel lucky to have a chance at a better life with someone who will love me, keep me safe, and, of course, provide lots of treats and dinner, too.