Paw-Paw, Dog, Dachshund (short coat)

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Dachshund (short coat)
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See Paw-Paw's Homepage Please contact Bonnie ( for more information about this pet. PawPaw is a wonderful senior doxie. He truly is a gentleman in a red fur coat. He gets along well with the other dogs. He is housebroken - he will even go to the door and bark to go outside. He is good with young children. He loves my 2 year old grandson and will put up with just about anything from him. When PawPaw has had enough 'loving' from my grandson, he will gently put his mouth around his hand and hold it. PawPaw is very vocal and talks a lot - sometimes too much. He loves to eat and you do have to be careful when you give him a treat as he gets so excited he will get your finger along with the treat. PawPaw was heartworm positive when he came into rescue, but has been treated and is now heartworm negative. I don't know what PawPaw's opinion of cats is, but I suspect it would be better if there were no cats. He loves to go for walks and he loves to chase squirrels. We estimate his age to be around 10, but he acts like a dog that is much younger. He is crate trained, but will bark for awhile when placed in a crate for the night. He then settles down when he finally realizes he is losing the argument! He loves to snuggle in the big bed and does occasionally get the opportunity to do this. He is a bit of a barker so I would suggest that he not be left in the yard alone for long periods of time as he will bark and bark and bark to come in. PawPaw is a very special dog and would make a wonderful addition to any family. He would especially be fine company for a mature couple or individual.