Lala, Dog, Dachshund (short coat)

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Dachshund (short coat)
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About a year ago, some kind people adopted her from their vet, where Lala’s previous owners abandoned her after she injured her back. Her new family loved her very much, but after several months of trying to adjust their lives to a dog, realized they just weren’t ready to have one. They very wisely brought her to rescue so we could find her the perfect home. A true diva-princess, Lala likes things exactly how she likes them. She has her own rules and would prefer it if the whole world followed them. That said, she is a VERY easy dog to have around. She’s quiet and well-behaved, and she gets on very well with the other doxies in her foster home. Even though she’d prefer to be in her person’s lap all the time, when the lap isn’t available, she is very independent and doesn’t make much of a fuss at all. She likes to hang out in her crate, snoozing and observing the goings-on. At night, she is happy to sleep in her crate or on the big bed with her person. She’s happy to receive attention and loves to sit next to her person on the couch. Lala is bonds deeply with her person. As a result, she can be overprotective when she’s out on field trips with her mama or daddy. Her foster mom is working with her to overcome Lala’s need to keep strangers away; her new people will need to continue this behavior modification for a little longer, until Lala realizes that not all strangers are evil murderers. Her back is completely healed, but she walks with a slight limp and probably always will. Her new people should make sure they have doggie steps or ramps for her to use and always carry her up the stairs. She loves to go for walks and rides in the car. She’s great with kids, but given her tiny size and previous injury, we think she’d do better with children over 10 years old. She’d be happy to be an only dog if she lived with people who were home much of the time; she could also live in a working family if she had a gentle doxie “husband” or companion. We don’t know how she is with cats, but she’d probably be fine with a proper introduction. She’s smaller than most cats, anyway. Because she’s so small, Lala cannot live in a home where she is in any danger of being carried away by a raptor or other predatory animal. She would be a really great apartment or condo dog, living safely inside with her people. Spayed, vaccinated and 100% housetrained, Lala is longing to be someone’s special companion. If you think that’s you, please email Tamar at An adoption application is required. The adoption fee for Lala is $225. ADOPTING A DACHSHUNDBecause we love our dachshunds and are committed to finding safe, loving, forever homes for them, we screen our applicants thoroughly before approving an adoption. In order to determine which dachshund is most compatible for your lifestyle, our adoption procedures are as follows: Fill out an application, which has been designed to determine which of our rescue dachshunds would best suit your needs and experience. Complete a home check, a time when one of our representatives can visit your home and meet you, the other residents of your home and any other pets that might live with you. Sign an adoption contract promising to love and care for the doxie for the rest of his or her life, or return the doxie to rescue. In order to be considered as an adopter, you must be 21 years of age or older, have identification showing your present address and, if you rent your home, have the prior knowledge and consent of your landlord, whose contact information you will be asked to provide. You must also be willing and able to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care for a dachshund. We do not adopt to people who have not spayed or neutered their pets, unless there is a medical need for the animal to remain intact. We do require an adoption fee, which helps us cover the boarding, vetting, alteration and vaccination of your new pet. Adoption fees also offset the medical needs of the other doxies in rescue, especially vetting for the seniors. Our adoption fees vary, depending upon the age, health and medical needs of each dachshund. If you have any questions, please email us!