Diva, Dog, Dachshund (short coat)

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Dachshund (short coat)
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See Diva's Homepage Please contact Amanda (lsudachs18@yahoo.com) for more information about this pet. **UPDATE** Oct. 31Diva is now ready to go home. Her babies have been weaned, and she is getting back into shape. She has about a pound to gain, but that'll come in time. Diva's true personality has really shone through. She is really living up to her name! Madam Diva does not like to be outside unless her person is outside with her. She wants to be in her person's lap getting the quality petting she so richly deserves, but has missed out on her entire life. Now that she's been in foster care and knows what people can do, she fully expects it!**UPDATE** Sept. 11Diva is ready to start looking for her new home. The babies are on their way to being weaned. They will need a few more weeks with mom, but we've decided to start the search for her perfect family. Is that you??**UPDATE**The little runt, Angel, has lost her battle. She passed away while her foster mom held her. She will always be remembered and loved.**UPDATE**Diva has had her babies- 2 girls and a boy. It appears that there is a red, a chocolate and a black and tan. The black and tan girl is fighting for her life. She was born with her eyes open and has had trouble nursing. Her foster mom has had to tube feed her since she was born. Her foster mom says she's holding her own, though. Diva came to rescue when her owners gave her up after she became pregnant again. Their reason was that she had 'lost' two other litters of puppies, so they didn't want to deal with it again. She is due to have her babies any day, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that she will be just fine. She will not be ready to go home until the first to middle of November, and her babies won't be ready until the end of December. Currently we need a sponsor to step in and help with her rapidly increasing vet bills. She may very well need a C-section, and that can cost over 1,000.00. Please, help if you can!