Baronie Macaronie, Dog, Dachshund (short coat)

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Dachshund (short coat)
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ADOPTION PROCESS: No pit bulls or pit mixes will be placed in Dade County. Please EMAIL about the specific pet. We will send you our application for adoption. Applications are reviewed within 24 hours. All adoptions require a home visit with a rescue representative, to be set up after application approval. We require a donation of $200 for puppies and $150 for adults. All rescues have their vaccines, blood tests, heart worm prevention, spayed/neutered and microchip. Dogs also come with a behavioral evaluation. Baronie is 15 pounds of PURE DACHSHUND. Don't let those puppy dog eyes fool you, he is a lean muscle machine! He loves to go for long walks and is a champ at running along next to you on a bike! His legs may be short but he can outrun dogs three time his size. A true BIG DOG in a little body, this manly man is not for the faint of heart, he is looking for an experienced Doxie home that will understand his strong personality. Baronie is now 6 years old and has been in his foster home for about 11 months. He had a very sad upbringing, his first owners didn't like for him to be out of the crate so they made him stay in his crate for up to 16 hours at a time. Due to the constriction and neglect, he was not used to much human interaction so his foster mom had a lot of socializing to do. His front legs are a little splayed since he never got to run or play while he was growing up. He is such a sweet heart, he just never knew what love is! I love to make him sit in my lap, he has no idea how to, but he gets so excited when I put him down he runs around in circles! He is fine with being in his crate now, but of course we never want him to go back to a situation where he will be crated to long periods of time. Baronie plays well with other dogs, and is used to living around cats, guinea pigs, rats, a quaker parrot... As with any dog he should be properly introduced to new dogs, so that both dogs are comfortable and don't get scared. He is an ideal dog for a home looking of a little active BIG dog. He will challenge authority, as any self respecting doxie will, so his new home will need to know how to handle his rebellious side :) He is in his prime and LOVES to run and play. He has 5 years of living to make up for! If you think Baronie sounds like the perfect dog for you, please email us with any questions and we will send you an application :) Faktura Pet Projekt: Emergency Pet Rescue is dedicated exclusively to the rescue and rehabilitation of severely injured, abused and feral dogs in South Florida. We take in any breed age or size of dog. To see some of our amazing survivors, please visit our website, www. FakturaProjekts. com --Jacquelyn JohnstonFounderFaktura Pet ProjektA 501c3 dedicated to the rescue of feral and abused dogs of any breed in South Florida