Ginger JP, Dog, Dachshund / Mixed (short coat)

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Dachshund / Mixed (short coat)
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Adoption donation is $300. If you adopt Puggy as well - the donation is $500 for the pair.Ginger weighs 20 pounds.Ginger is a yapper and will definitely alert you to strangers prowling about. She is playful but a little rough and better with older children. She gets along fine with children, and loves to cuddle. She's a fairly quiet dog for the most part, enjoying cuddling under the covers. Her favorite thing of all time is rawhide and if she smells them she will whine, cry, and beg for one. She loves to play fetch and tug of war. She is also a licker and will clean your brains for you. She is bright and learns new tricks quickly, enjoying the training which means attention for her. She also has fun playing hide and seek with toys or rawhide. She is housetrained and loves being out in the sunshine, however, in bad weather a pry bar can't make her go out. Anyone who takes her must be willing to use papers or puppy pads in bad weather. She hates wet and cold... rain, snow, or sleet will send her running back under the covers, she does tollerate being bathed though but will try to sneak out of it around you. She gets very car sick and would be best in a home where travel is not a requirement. Just the words bye bye make her turn green. When you get ready to go out just snap your fingers and tell her to kennel and she will run in. She prefers a crate with closed sides like a cave and prefers it to be off the ground so stack her's on top. She will happily hop up into the crate, no need to pick her up. Ginger and Puggy are sister and brother.Both are good with kids, both love to wrestle and play tug of war. Both have some aggression with food, but neither has ever been vicious about it. They love rawhide, Ginger more than Puggy. They have never been separated, and I would prefer to adopt them together 'if possible'. Both are trained to crate at a clap or snap of the fingers with the word kennel. They enjoy their crates being available to them for those times when they want to be alone and quiet. Both will listen to basic voice commands, both are housetrained. Both come when called, and will return as long as the command is given with authority. Neither would be suited to a home with a cat who will run from them as they will chase, but not injure the cat. Both have spent lots of time around cats and will sleep side by side with them on the bed. Both are leashed trained, but pull some as they spend most of their time loose in the yard. Normally we do not process applications unless you select a specific dog and make a deposit of $200 as we are all volunteers and limited resources - your deposit tells us you are serious. Click here to complete our online application! Once we have your deposit we will hold the dog for you while we process your application. If you are not approved to adopt or we can not provide the dog you are interested in, your deposit is refunded. If you are approved, the deposit is applied toward the total donation of the dog. If the dog is not a good match, we will work with you to find another dog or refund your deposit. We want you to be certain that this is a decision your have thought through thoroughly & not just a whim so if YOU change your mind for ANY reason, your deposit is not refundable! Deposit Donations can be made by Paypal - please click on symbol below: If transport is necessary, that cost will be additional - transport cost is NOT included in the donation. If you wish to call us, please call between the hours of 10 AM and 7PM at 401-234-4499. If you leave a message, a volunteer will return your call ASAP.