Reecey, Dog, Chocolate Labrador Retriever / Labrador Retriever (short coat)

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Chocolate Labrador Retriever / Labrador Retriever (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Secondary Breed: 
Labrador Retriever
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This young girl got her name because she's such a sweet little chocolate pup. Reecey is only around 9 months old, and unforunately found herself in a local animal shelter. It was tough to believe that no one came looking for this delightful youngster. But, ADS was more than happy to bring her into our program. She was lucky enough to find a foster home where they can dote on her and help her learn what it's like to be loved. Check out the update from her foster mom: Reecey gets high marks. She's EASY, for a puppy. I would recommend her for a first time dog owner. She is easy to handle and to keep happy. Her favorite things are her people. She is a velcro dog and very affectionate. Very focused on her human. So it's difficult to contain her when we're home. She is not happy when she can't be near you. (This might get better as she settles in more). She's a natural at fetch and will go after the ball as long as you're willing to throw it. But when I'm done she either lies at my feet with a chew toy or plays with her toys by herself or naps. She's low-medium energy, but she plays all day in spurts and takes frequent cat naps. It's funny to watch her playing with a toy one minute and then see her stretched out on the floor sound asleep with the same toy between her paws the next. We're going to get her a kiddie pool. We think she'll love the water. She is gentle on the leash but she is clumsy. She doesn't pull, unless she wants to go say hi to someone walking toward us. But she does cross your path a lot and she does wrap you up in the leash. Reecey has picked a spot in the yard to do her business and trots to that spot and right back to the door without any hassle. But she has no way of telling you she needs to go, so she's had a few accidents. So until we're more confident with her house training we're crating her. We're sure she would be fine having the run of the house. IF she gets into something you don't approve of, she's easily deterred with an 'ah ah' or a hand clap. She is very gentle taking treats. and sits while I fix her food and for me to put her leash on. She does jump. I've managed to persuade her to sit for me to pet her, but it looks like everyone she meets needs to do this. But it's a quick lesson. She has also tolerated the ear drops and pilling well. She nips at your heels as you walk and she does playfully nip at your face like a puppy. I can barely feel it but a small child might. Reecey is good with the cats. She's curious about them, but she has a low prey drive. So if they run she will follow, not chase them, and when they stop she just sniffs them and gives them an occasional bath. She is good. She doesn't counter surf and she rides well in the car. We're pretty smitten with her and when the time comes for us to adopt again, we want her twin. :)