Aces, Dog, Chinese Shar-Pei (short coat)

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Chinese Shar-Pei (short coat)
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Chinese Shar-Pei
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Aces is 5 years old in these pictures taken March 24, 2007. She came into the shelter because the people who got her from a classified advertisement in the paper could not keep her. Their landlord said 'NO PETS' so now she is at the shelter. The reason that the 'original' owners gave for giving Aces up was that she did not like their Dachshund. So after 5 years of having her, they gave poor Aces up. Aces isn't a very big girl, as you can see in the pictures. At her vet visit the last week of April 2007, she weighed 34.8 pounds. She barely comes up to Rob's knees. Aces is very sweet and loves to cuddle. She is a little standoffish and shy when she first meets a new person. So she will need someone willing to let her get used to them. Aces is housebroken and loves children. The youngest child she has been with was a 14-month old. However, we have realized that while Aces may be good with children, she prefers a very quiet home. We are recommending that Aces go to a home where the couple doesn't have any children but may have grand children or nieces and nephews visits once in a while. Aces does need medication for her thyroid but is otherwise in good health. April 14, 2007 - UPDATE: Our director is letting Aces stay in the house with her family. Aces is getting along GREAT with all of the dogs in the house. From Dachshunds to an 80-90 pound hound dog. Not a single problem. Aces loves to snuggle up with humans on the couch and in bed. She is a real lover and snuggler. October 1, 2007 - UPDATE:We have noticed that when Aces gets real stressed she starts to pant very quickly. It takes her sometime to calm down. Because she is a flat faced breed, we worry about her having breathing problems if she does get real stressed out. That is why we are limiting Aces adoption to a one (1) hour radius from Lone Pine (Centerton, AR). We are afraid that the trip would just stress her out too much and she really does not like riding in a car anyway. Thank you for understanding. ADOPTION REQUIREMENTS : Please click here for our Adoption Requirements. Lone Pine Ranch Animal Shelter is open primarily on Saturdays, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Hours do change depending on the weather and the availability of volunteers. If it is extremely muddy or raining or if there isn’t a volunteer to open, then we DO CLOSE. Please check our website at BEFORE you come out to make sure we are open. You may also call 479-366-0508.