Eli, Dog, Chihuahua (short coat)

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Chihuahua (short coat)
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Eli is a cool, little Chihuahua boy who is approximately 2 years old. He has quite the adorable little face, and the softest fur. While he is rather tall and lanky (for a Chihuahua), he weighs in at only ten pounds. Eli is crate trained, and house broken – in fact, sometimes when he needs to go out, he will run up to our sliding glass door and slap it with both of his front paws. Very cute to see! Now that it is starting to get a bit colder out though, you sometimes have to pick him up and carry him outside as he is not a big fan of cold, wet nights. :) He also knows 'sit', 'kisses' and 'paw'. He is very treat motivated so I’m sure he could learn a lot more too. Eli also enjoys a good game of 'fetch' with his people – he is great about bringing the toy back to us & dropping it, so we may throw it again and again and again. :) And after a little difficulty in the very beginning, Eli now absolutely loves playing with our own dogs. It is quite funny to watch as they run through the house chasing each other. Eli will need a special person (or family) to open their hearts to him, as he does take some time to warm up in a new environment, and to truly trust new people. It probably took at least three weeks before he truly started trusting us. Eli really needs his people to be calm & gentle (but still firm) pack leaders. If he feels threatened or uncomfortable, he will growl and show his teeth. If the situation is not handled correctly, he will try to bite, so an experienced, dog-savvy home is required (former experience with Chihuahua’s would be a plus too). He has been exposed to, and does seem to like children, but because of the reasons mentioned, and since he has the potential to become nippy, I would recommend a home without any, or with older children (12 years & up) only. While he does still have a few 'triggers' that that we are working on (he can act possessive of food or a bone, or of his people (while sitting in their laps), he has made a lot of progress. He now also loves to greet us & give kisses or to snuggle up next to us on the couch or in bed (yes, he sleeps with us!). Eli will follow one of us everywhere (unless of course, he is busy lounging in the sunlight coming through the window, or playing with one of our other dogs) If you are willing to be patient and loving, and continue to work with Eli and be his pack leader, then the benefits and rewards you’ll reap will be great. He will make a wonderful addition to the right special person or family.All