Oscar, Dog, Chihuahua / Pug / Mixed (short coat)

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Chihuahua / Pug / Mixed (short coat)
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Brindle with White
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Please read entire biography and read the last paragraphs for information how to apply for adoption. Trophy's puppies, Emmy and Oscar are all 10 weeks old. They weigh approximately 4-6lbs. The family was found in a ditch adjacent to our rescue spay-neuter clinic early one morning. Thank heavens Mom popped her head up as we entered or we might not have seen them!Momma Trophy is a 12lbs. long legged, beautifully sweet, loving Chi-Italian Greyhound mix. She has been a great Mom and with her gentle demeanor, has passed on all of her wonderful traits to her pups. She loves to play with them but is quick to teach them to play appropriately too which is so often missed out when Mom is taken away too quickly from the litter. But not this Mom. She was happy to stay with her pups and continue to guide and love them.Oscar is the lone male in the litter and he takes his role seriously. He doesn't mind being 'big brother' to his sisters and making sure that they are always taken care of and loved. He will gladly hop in your lap or grab a rope to play tug with but if one of his sisters starts calling, he's off to save them! He's very gentle and loving. We like to call him the 'strong, silent type' because he won't intrude or demand attention. He will gladly wait until you have time for him or he'll entertain himself. He has the cutest underbite that when he's in a goofy moment, he'll jut out his lower lip and 'talk' to you. Oh he's to die for! With the stout body and underbite little Oscar screams, 'My Dad must have been a Pug.'Emmy is the baby of the litter and half the size of her siblings. You can't help but want to pick her up and tuck her under your arm and keep her safe. The little girl just shook and shook when we found her. She was scared of her own shadow and now she's gained confidence and will even talk back to her siblings. So what if everyone is on one side of a toy and she's by herself on the other side. She can take on the world and she'll let you know. She's just developing that little Diva side of her. Oh but don't think that she doesn't play up the 'baby' role with her foster family. She's the first to run and beg to be picked up and be cuddled. She'll look up with those root-beer colored eyes and tell you all of her sorrows. Get your purse ready and stick her in it, she's ready to go...The litter has lived in a foster home with dogs, cats and 2 kids (7 and 16). They are well loved and socialized. They love to be held and cuddled and love to play with toys. We expect the litter will be under 15lbs when full grown with Emmy probably being in the 7-8lbs range. This litter is an excellent option for kids who have experience with small dogs and want one who will be small when full grown. They are also a great option for homes that want to take them to work but don't want a noisy puppy (as this is a fairly quiet litter) or who want a smaller size pet for an apartment or condo setting. For an application please see our website www.zaraslist.com and download an application and email it to us or our fax number is 951-346-3125. All dogs are spayed/neutered, current on shots, dewormed and have frontline on for fleas and ticks. All dogs are also microchipped. All cats are leukemia tested negative, current on shots, dewormed and have Advantage or Revolution on for fleas. Dogs are available to be seen by appointment only with an approved application. Sorry we do not ship. We prefer initial communication to be via email. We do not phone unless we have an approved application. Please do not phone, rather email to inquire on animals.