CHI CHI, Dog, Chihuahua (medium coat)

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Chihuahua (medium coat)
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Hi, my name is Chi Chi and I am a 10 lb chihuahua mix. I am best described as a couch potato that enjoys my evening strolls around the block. I have a bit of a troubled past and arrived at the shelter very fearful of being touched or picked up. I have blossomed in my foster home and now I am looking to find a home of my own. Beacuse I am shy, I''d love to find a home with at least one other dog or cat to assure me that everything is ok. I seem fine with kids that visit, but I would prefer to live in a home without the noise and excitement that children under 12 can bring. My foster parents work and I haven''t had any problems with hanging out on the couch until they arrive home at the end of the day. I am not the needy type: a bed and a toy will keep me quite happy. I LOVE cookies and will do anything to earn one including going to the potty outside...which I must say, 'I''m pretty good at!' My foster family thinks that I''m pretty special, but they do want me to let you know that I''m kind of a home body. The other dogs in the house enjoy going to the pet supply store, the park, and even to social events-but not me. The change in pace upsets my routine and makes me anxious. I''d rather stay at home, take in a good movie and go for a walk to work off the treats that you''ll want to give to me. Did I mention that I like cookies?My new home should understand that I am slow to adjust, will cower at first when you go to pat me and may cry when I am first picked up. So, if you''re single, or a family looking for a quiet, laid back guy who doesn''t midn work parents...please consider me! If you have the patience it takes to win my trust...please consider me. If you want to give a little man the love and security he craves...please consider me. Beacuse I am nervous of the shelter environment I am going to stay in my foster home while I search for the perfect family. So please call the Adoption Center for more information or to schedule a visit.