Nina, Dog, Catahoula Leopard Dog / Australian Shepherd (short coat)

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Catahoula Leopard Dog / Australian Shepherd (short coat)
Primary Breed: 
Catahoula Leopard Dog
Secondary Breed: 
Australian Shepherd
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CODA (Cleveland Ohio Dog Advocates)1-877-664-1314codadogrescue@givemepaw.comP.O. Box 44092Brooklyn OH 44144 We are also collecting used ink jet and laser jet print cartridges all proceeds go to the rescue dogs You can mail your used printer cartridges to us at: CODAP.O. Box 44092Brooklyn, Ohio 44144 NINA NINA DONATIONS NEEDED FOR NINA'S EMERGENCY AURAL HEMOTOMA SURGERY TOTAL SURGERY BILL =$180 THANK YOU TO AMY GOEPFERT OF CLEVELAND OHIO FOR HER DONATION WHICH COVERED NINA'S SURGERY BILL 5-17-06 Nina required surgery today for a hemotoma in her right ear. Nina has had a reoccuring ear infections in her right ear since her arrival but the infection has always cleared up with antibiotic ointments and antibiotic treatment Last night Nina's right ear filled with blood between the tissues of her ear flap requiring surgery to repair the hemotoma Nina came through the surgery fine and was busy investigating the kitties on her way out of the Vet's office this evening Nina will require a lot of medications and special care for the next 3 weeks until her sutures are removed _____________________________________________ UPDATE 6/7/06 Nina's sutures were removed today and her ear is healing nicely _________________________________________________ UPDATE 7/6/06 Nina's ear has healed perfectly. Nina has been going for a ride daily in the CODA van and Nina is now able to ride in the van without getting car sick or stressed out. Nina has also been going jogging daily with her foster dad and loves her daily jog and Nina jogs so perfectly on her leash and is so well behaved during her outings Nina has decided she really likes Shirley and is being very gentle and sweet with Shirley Nina is pretty much over all her dog aggression issues except for her dislike of GIANT dogs. (Specifically the Great Danes in her foster home) Nina plays with Sparky and Bandit and Blake without any problems Nina still likes to chase the kitties but will not hurt them and if she catches up with one she will pause to give the cat a chance to escape:)_____________________________________________ Nina is a Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix Our best guess is Nina is mixed with German Shepherd She is fully sighted and hears fine. Nina was saved from a kill shelter in Princeton WV and arrived at CODA Dog Rescue on July 7th 2004. She was on owner surrender so was facing immediate death at the shelter in WV. Her previous owner was deployed overseas to Iraq Nina was a spoiled only pet in her previous home Kim Kleppel in NY paid for Nina's Shelter fee's and paid a driver to get Nina safely to CODA Dog Rescue in Cleveland to save Nina's life. Nina would like to thank Kim for saving her from being gassed to death in the WV kill shelter Nina is a wonderful dog that walks perfectly on a leash, and she loves to go for walks. Nina is fine when meeting other dogs when on a leash but is quite over rambunctious when allowed off leash with other dogs as she has a high energy catahoula style of play Nina knows many verbal commands such as Sit, Lay, Stay, Give Me Paw Nina is very intelligent and learns very easily. Nina is very sweet and gentle in nature and has wonderful watch dog tendencies. She always lets us know if someone is near the fence line or near the property lines.