Rockydoodle, Dog, Bulldog (short coat)

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Bulldog (short coat)
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Please contact Kami ( for more information about this pet. Eye color: amber/hazel and they tell you everything about herBorn: April 19, 200582 lbsvery softpurebred American BulldogShe loves to watch movies. 8 Below and Balto are her favorites. She will jump up and down with excitement while she watches. When she first came she had marks on her that looked like a chain. Whatever happened to her before made her afraid of having a finger pointed at her. Rockeydoodle is our only dog that we would approve being inside/outside under the right circumstances. She is perfectly happy outside as long as she gets attention. She does well in the house, but you HAVE to ask her if she has to potty or she will not tell you. She has the ability to jump 7 foot in the air but she will never jump out of a pen. She doesn't want to leave. Doodly will chase a lazer light until she falls down. Leave the light still and she will watch it for about 3 seconds and POUNCE with all four feet off the ground. Just be sure to leave the light on an object she can bring to you for the game to be over. And don't light a cigarette in the dark! She will be chasing it! She will sit down beside you on the couch and scoot toward you little bit by little bit until she is very close (thinking you don't notice her). And then she will reach over and lick you out of the side of her mouth. When you ask her what she is doing, she will turn her head to you and lick lick lick lick. At first she may be afraid someone is going to force her outside to stay and she may not go to the door, she is afraid she will have to stay outside. She needs someone to take her outside and come back with her. When she sees she is getting to come back in she will do fine. She is just afraid she will be put outside to stay. She likes to be outside but she HAS TO HAVE the attention of a human! She has a nipple that became severely infected before and it had to be drained. It has to be watched or she can develop Mastitis. She has been bitten by a brown recluse on her tail and it builds up scar tissue. And she likes to chew on her tail when she is nervous. She is a mama dog to any dog she does not perceive as a threat. She can be aggressive toward some females. She can be protective to every human and animal around. Born on Dec 21, 2009.25# as of Feb 15,2009ALL DOGS ARE ALTERED BEFORE GOING TO THEIR FOREVER HOMESAdoption fee is $300THAT INCLUDES: spay/neuter, up to date vaccines and worming, total health exam (hips and knees are examined by a professional, if there is need for x-rays we do that also), microchip, heart-worm test, temperament test done by at least two professional trainers (not cheap!), behavior modification when needed, free lifetime return, lifetime behavior/training advice, and assistance including financial (when funds allow) in the rare event of a crisis. Bloodtests for actual proof of breed identity is available. Rocky-Doodle is in TX, but arrangements can be made to bring her to MO. or possibly to you. She is in a dangerous part of TX for dogs. It is right on the border to Mexico where illegal trafficking is a part of life. The fighting rings are so awful there that bait dogs and dogs who lose can be seen wandering the streets. We help those dogs too. We try to get a hold of these dogs BEFORE their lives become miserable. That is why you will see a lot of puppies. We talk people out of giving their puppi8es away free to good home, so we know where they are going. We HAVE to save these dogs from their almost decided fate. These dogs are very special to us as you can see the literal blood sweat and tears we have in these dogs.