Gaia, Dog, Bulldog (short coat)

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Bulldog (short coat)
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Black with White
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Please contact Kami ( for more information about this pet. Our only option on our profiles is English bulldog. Gaia is not an English Bulldog. She is a little bit more rare breed. Gaia (GI-AH)is a Bandogge Bulldog AKA Banter Bulldogge. Gaia is named after a Titan. Her coloring is black and white in a tuxedo pattern. She is a dog who knows when it is appropriate for her to be gentle. She is 81 pounds. Gaia is gentle with elderly people, cats, dogs, children, and even birds. She does not display a heavy prey drive. Gaia was the first to help a mother who came in with puppies. She even tolerated the annoying mother who didn't get along with any dog because she needed help. She is extremely eager to learn and already knows basic obedience. She guards her family but has never shown aggression of any kind. Gaia's favorite command is 'kiss-kiss'. She LOVES to feel like she has a job. She needs to be very active. And beware!!!! SHe is a big ol' clown. She will keep you laughing all the time. She will try to make you laugh when you want her to do something, but knows when it is time to be serious. If you just don't let her see you laugh (you may have to leave the room), she will straighten up and do what she is told. Gaia LOVES the water. Turn on the hose and she will chomp chomp... eat the water as fast as it comes at her. She loves to stretch out as FARRRRRR as she can. She loves a good stretch. If you follow her lead, it would do you some good too. And she loves to perform for you. She will chase her tail, roll on her back and give you a goofy look, anything to make you laugh. She is like having a little human with undying love. She is so in tune to her people and she will not let any tear go unlicked. She has a high-pitched bark and is in training to learn when she can bark at the right time. She will sleep on her back with her feet curled up to her tummy. If you ask her if she is okay, she will open one eye and let you know that she is just not ready to get up yet. She loves to be called Gai-Gai. ALL DOGS ARE ALTERED BEFORE GOING TO THEIR FOREVER HOMESBorn on Dec 21, 2009.25# as of Feb 15,2009ALL DOGS ARE ALTERED BEFORE GOING TO THEIR FOREVER HOMESAdoption fee is $700. (Yes, that is typical of most Bulldog specific rescues and it prevents prevent people from reselling them to fighters and auctions.)THAT INCLUDES: spay/neuter, up to date vaccines and worming, total health exam (hips and knees are examined by a professional, if there is need for x-rays we do that), microchip, heart-worm test, temperament test done by at least two professional trainers (not cheap!), behavior modification when needed, free lifetime return, lifetime behavior/training advice, and assistance including financial (when funds allow) in the rare event of a crisis. Gaia is in TX, but arrangements can be made to bring her to MO. or even to you. Gaia is in a dangerous part of TX for dogs. It is right on the border to Mexico where illegal trafficking is a part of life. The fighting rings are so awful there that bait dogs and dogs who lose can be seen wandering the streets. We help those dogs too. We try to get a hold of these dogs BEFORE their lives become miserable. That is why you will see a lot of puppies. We talk people out of giving their puppi8es away free to good home, so we know where they are going. We HAVE to save these dogs from their almost decided fate. THese dogs are very special to us as you can see the literal blood sweat and tears we have in these dogs.