Terc -WA, Dog, Brittany

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Hello, my name is Terc. I am about 3 or 4 years old. I am in excellent health although I am partially deaf with a fairly severe hearing loss. I am learning sign language and my foster mom says I am very smart, learn quickly and just want to please! At my foster home, I have learned about horses, kitties, and other dogs! The dogs and I play all day long and it is so much fun. My foster mom says I am a well-behaved dog. I am house-broken and tell my foster mom when I need to go out. I’m also crate-trained. I weigh about 40 pounds and I have been learning not to chew on stuff. I do still like to pick things up and carry them around, and my foster mom gives us plenty of chewies to gnaw on. I eat really well and I sometimes try to see what is close to the edge of the counter but I am learning this is not acceptable. So I try to keep my nose to the bowl and stay out of trouble. Thanks for taking an interest in me! Hello: I am Terc’s foster mom. Terc is a wonderful dog. He does have a severe hearing impairment but learns very quickly. When Terc first came to my home, he was shy and did not show much interest in the other dogs. After about a week, he started to play with them since they were constantly urging him to play by shoving toys in his face. Now all three romp in the back yard and house and have a good time together. Because of his hearing deficiency, Terc can be shy and withdrawn in new situations but with a little encouragement, he greets people with enthusiasm. Terc does not let the other dogs eat his food but he is not aggressive about it. Terc is mellower than other Brittanys I have experience with. Terc is very focused on people and would possibly do well as a therapy dog. Obedience would be another great job for him, as there tends to be more hand signals used for that activity. He is bright and willing and can do just about anything you want him to. He is fun to have around and he has a very sweet and kind disposition. I hope you will consider him in spite of his impaired hearing, as he is a wonderful dog. Anyone adopting Terc will be required to have a secure fence. A home with another dog for Terc to play with is preferred. Terc’s adoption fee is $350.00. If interested in making Terc a member of your family, please complete an on-line application at www.nbran.org (click on "Adoption Center" on left side of homepage and complete app in drop-down menu). Once you have completed an app, you can contact Linda at 509.398.1834 or nbranldl@gmail.com.