Ben (OH), Dog, Brittany

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4 year old 47 pound cuddlebugGood with other dogsGood with catsLoves the waterHousebroken, no chewingA secure fence is mandatory. Physical, IF or Radio Fence 9/20/2009 Update...Ben and I have been working on sit and down and come. He really enjoys working on these commands. He is a joy. 8/30/2009 Update...Ben's fitness is still improving. He has begun to pull on the leash b/c he gets so excited. He very wants much to please his people, though. 8/23/2009 Update... I just can't believe that Ben has not found his forever home yet b/c he is just such a great dog. His only vice is jumping on people, and we have reduced that. Even when he does jump on us, he is very gentle about it--especially for a bigger guy. Ben loves to be groomed. He just enjoyed a walk in the woods where he spied something in the brush and wanted to find out where it went to. He also clearly wanted to go swimming in the river but that's not something that foster Mom was interested in doing. He really would love to be with a family that spent time at a pond or a lake. 8/7/2009 Update! Ben is more energetic since he is carrying less weight. Meeting new people, chasing balls and watching squirrels are great fun for him. He also enjoys being in the water. He is really an all around wonderful dog who deserves the best kind of home. His teeth are very white after his dental work last week. Ben is a beautiful 4 year old roan male, a very loving boy. He enjoys playing with other dogs, and is fine with cats. He is housebroken and has been an easy foster from the very first moment. He came to rescue 10 pounds overweight. He has lost 2 pounds (sometimes it really is as simple as taking in less calories than are burned.......) and you can already see that it has made walking easier for him. It is critical for his longterm health and happiness that the rest of the weight come off, and stay off so that he has many active years ahead. He was found running stray, and spent 3 weeks in a shelter in Illinois before he came to NBRAN. Ben is interested in birds and critters. If there are no such things in sight, he is very easy to walk on the leash. He enjoys walking on the leash, and will look at you from time to time like he is sharing a secret with you about how wonderful it is to be out on a walk together. He does not like being in a crate, and since he is housebroken I am not crating him. He loves chew toys and has not chewed anything that was not designed as a chew toy. Ben is scheduled for dental work on Monday, July 27th. After that, he should be ready to go. He is a very special dog, and deserves a person who will be the kind of friend that he is.If you want to give Ben a loving forever home, please complete an online adoption application at and contact Jody at (419) 722-3204. Adoption fee is $350. Transport can be arranged up to 1200 miles. This pet comes with a 30-day gift of Sheltercare pet insurance, the number one brand of pet insurance for adopted pets. Over 1.8-million adopted pets have already been insured! This pet has been microchipped and registered with 24PetWatch, the number one lost pet recovery service for adopted dogs and cats. Over 2.8-million pets registered.