Arnie - Adopted, Dog, Brittany Spaniel (medium coat)

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Brittany Spaniel (medium coat)
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White with Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut
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Independent Brittany Rescue & Rehabilitationhttp://www.brittanys.petfinder.comfaroutfields@bellsouth.netDunnellon (Ocala), FL Do you like a dog that likes to be with you? Do you want to give a dog that's never had anything a home? Well, folks that's me. My background is not good. I was nothing more then a yard dog all my life. No one ever cared for me. Finally I was thrown away in an overnight box at a shelter. It was the beginning of the rest of my life. One of the girls there really liked me and felt sorry for me. I was so dirty and matted that all she could do was shave all my coat off. It will grow back. I was accepted into Independent Brittany Rescue & Rehabilitation. That was really the beginning of my new life. You see I was highly positive for heartworms. I've have now gone successfully thru the first treatment for them. In a month I have another treatment. In the meantime I have had two very bad back molars pulled. They were major infected. There was no choice. I feel so much better with those rotten, hurting things out of my mouth. I've gotten a micro chip, brought up to date on all my shots, been wormed, and freed of all the fleas and ticks. Of course, I'm neutered. I have been crate trained, house trained, and learning about all the things that go on in a house and the world. Sometimes things scare me a little, but I'm working on that. As I feel better and as I get around things I'm learning that not everything will hurt me. I should tell you I'm on the high end of a medium sized dog. I weigh 54 pounds now. I'm sound and close to healthy. I'm not young, but I'm not old either. They are telling me they think I might be about 8 years old. I feel younger and am very sound. It took a lot of years to get into a good position in life and I'm grateful for no more cold nights out in a yard somewhere all by myself. Oh, I get along great with other dogs, but I don't have to have another around. My perfect home would be one with a fenced yard and parents that are around most of the time. I really don't want to spend any more time all alone. My previous life was lonely and I don't want that again. Well, if you think you'd like the companionship of an old guy with lots of years left to love you let the contact folks know and we'll see if it will work out for both of us. I appreciate your consideration.