Brandy, Dog, Boxer

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Message from gail: 7/12/09 Here's a clip of Brandy playing with her indestructible Jolly Ball...note large hole in ball, but she has fun with it. She's a great dog with lots of energy, would love a home where she could run every morning with a friend. She's very loving and soaks up affection like a sponge. She's a doll. Click on a video below to watch it: Brandy is a great dog and will add a lot of fun to the lucky one who gives her a chance... Watch her play! 1/15/09 - Our Brandy girl is waits patiently for you. The one that will rescue our girl and give her a happy life. Brandy does not ask for much. She is a smart girl who loves people. She loves to play ball, fetch or simply go for a leisurely walk. She loves to run in the play yard with the largest ball she can find in her mouth. Brandy will bring it to you and 'Leave It!' She knows sit, stay, paw, she is smart and a very quick learner. Brandy's only request is she be the only dog. She fine walking past them she doesn't want to live or play with them; she prefers humans! Won't you please consider meeting Brandy? She knows you will love her and she promises to love you. 10/4/08 - Update - I sit, I sit and wait every day for a happier life. I know it is out there. I watch, I watch my boxer friends come and go as I wait for a happier life. I am Brandy please don't fault me because I am a mix. I have the same heart and soul as my boxer friends. I want a happy ever after just like they do. I want to share my life with humans not canines or felines just humans. If you are looking for a forever friend and you can look at my soul then I am the gal for you. I will run with you, walk with you, play with you, LOVE YOU! Please give me a chance. 7/6/08 - This is Brandy she is a terrier/boxer mix from the big apple. She is sweet and no one was claiming her so the shelter contacted AABR and asked if we could help. How do you turn her away? If we said NO Brandy would have been put down. Brandy is a fun, fun girl. She likes everyone she meets. She needs a low key boy or be a solo dog. Brandy is the bully breed and requires plenty of physical and mental exercise. Another great choice for the physically fit that is looking for a running partner. Won't you consider adopting or fostering this great girl today?