Zambeer W, Dog, Boston Terrier (short coat)

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Boston Terrier (short coat)
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Boston Terrier
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Black with White
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FRIENDS of HOMELESS ANIMALS, INC. which is a RHODE ISLAND NON PROFIT 501 (c)(3) RESCUE.FOHA IS NOT ALLOWED TO ADOPT DOGS TO RESIDENTS OF MASS. Adoption donation $ 625Pure Boston Terrier neutered male. AGE: 11 months, WEIGHT: 16 lbsUp to date on everything and fixed.ZambeerOwner SurrenderGood Markings - Brindle and WhiteUp to date on Bordatella, Rabies,and 7 in 1 shots.Heartworm: was Positive and has completed his treatmentLyme/Erlichia - negativeGood with cats? Ok with cats that do not run!Good with children? Good with ALL kids met so farGood with other dogs? Good with some, but not allHousetrained? working on itCratetrained? yesSpecial needs: Demodex More information: I got a note from one of my volunteers who is a policewoman, QUOTE: Wanda, I hate to add to the already full pot, but his sweet boy is on my beat and his owner wants to give him up...she cannot afford him. He's full BT , almost 1 yr, not neutered, sweet sweet boy, has some skin issues and a dot on his left eye. He's house trained. End of QUOTENaturally, when I saw his pix with his little wall eyes, I said I would take him. Took him to the vet, he had demodex and every worm known to man it seemed like plus had coccidia on top of it all, but we have treated him for all those things now and he is doing well. He has 2 healed ulcers on each of his eyes and that is what that whitish scarring is on his eyeballs. When I had him neutered, he bruised and swole up pretty bad and wouldn't stop bleeding for a long time and he has been oozing ever since. His bruising is all up into his penis and up his legs. Dr. Cindy glued his incision where it is oozing today to see if that helps stop the oozing. She thinks he might have gotten into some rat poison before I got him so we have now got him on Vitamin K like we did ZaZa. I thought he might have had hemophelia, but we pulled blood work and everything was in normal ranges on clotting factors and stuff. So don't know what the deal is on the blood oozing thing other than suspected rat poison. Needless to say, he did NOT start his heartworm treatment when planned. I was not having Harpo's lil wall eyed brother die because I was rushing to get all his medical done fast. The oozing finally stopped and Zammy has completed his heartworm treatment. His demodex has cleared up and his hair is gown back in, it is thinner than it should be, but I hope eventually it will fill all the way in. I can tell you right now that I have gotten very attached to this little boy and you are gonna have to be better than the average adopter in order to adopt him. I want to keep him myself, but... I have enough dogs already. Plus my home is not the perfect environment for his needs. Zammy is one of those that can be playing great with the others and then it morphs into a fight. Or if a fight starts between any of the other dogs boom he is in the middle of it even if he was in another room when it started. Once a fight starts you have to physically pick him up and remove him from the fray for a time out in a crate or another room. Otherwise he keeps going after the dog that he was fighting with. Zammy is like one of those dogs in the movie where the dogs are saying squirrel Squirrel and all thoughts leave the dogs brain except chasing the squirrel. The only problem his lost mind revolves around fights instead of squirrels. Due to this little issue, Zammy does need to be supervised when he is with other dogs. Zammy is great with people and is just a little love muffin. He loves to be held and cuddled and get kisses. Zammy sleeps with me every night and just snuggles right on down under the covers until he gets too hot then he pushes out and comes back up to lay next to me. Zammy snorts and snores real bad due to his little short nose and that is NORMAL for him. He is not real bright, but he more than makes up for it by being one of the most lovable, cuddliest little guys you ever met. I love this little guy and I want what is best for him. IN MY OPINION, Zammy would do best in a home with a submissive female dog or as an only dog. In the right home, this boy will be the heart of the family as he steals everyone's heart that meets him. IN a couple of the pix you can see how he looked before & in the 1st one is after when he is is looking good. Normally we do not process applications unless you select a specific dog and make a deposit of $200 as we are all volunteers and limited resources - your deposit tells us you are serious. Click here to complete our online application! Once we have your deposit we will hold the dog for you while we process your application. If you are not approved to adopt or we can not provide the dog you are interested in, your deposit is refunded. If you are approved, the deposit is applied toward the total donation of the dog. If the dog is not a good match, we will work with you to find another dog, but the deposit is NOT refundable. We want you to be certain that this is a decision your have thought through thoroughly & not just a whim so if YOU change your mind for ANY reason, your deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE! If you would like to HELP any of our special rescued dogs by making a donation or If you would like to place a DEPOSIT for a dog while we process your application, you can use this secure & safe site on Paypal - please click on symbol below: If transport is necessary, that cost will be additional - transport cost is NOT normally