Efes in VT, Dog, Boston Terrier / Shih Tzu / Mixed (medium coat)

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Boston Terrier / Shih Tzu / Mixed (medium coat)
Primary Breed: 
Boston Terrier
Secondary Breed: 
Shih Tzu
House Trained: 
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
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Adoption donation is $450. Located in Vermont.Efes is about 1 year old & weighs about 18 lbs even though the pix make him look bigger. It is all that hair that made him look so big honest! Momma is ShihTzu & his Daddy is a Boston. He is heart worm NEGATIVE & healthy!!!Very nice boy, gets along well with other dogs & seems to be ok with the cats, curious but not wanting to eat them.FOSTER MOM UPDATE: Once again, I'm amazed at another lovely pup being surrendered to the shelter. Efes (or Fez as we have been calling him here) is a lovely boston terrier/shih tzu mix, with maybe a bit of clown mixed in. Fez has been shaved down. As his fur grows out he will need regular grooming and brushing or visits to the groomer to keep him clipped. Fez is a happy boy and loves the company of people. He has lived with dogs and cats and has expressed zero interest in our feral cat that runs from the dogs. Fez loves to go for walks and walks nicely on a leash, no pulling from this boy. He settles down nicely in bed with me for the night, and sleeps until I get up and patiently waits for me to get my layers of clothing on to take him out for a walk in all the snow and cold. Fez allowed me to put a sweatshirt on him, however he refused the coat. But he seems okay with the cold and snow for brief periods to do his business. Fez is easy to handle and allows me to check his paws, ears, teeth, and handle him all over. If I pick him up to snuggle or hold him, he rewards me with little kisses. We are working on his housebreaking, as he has only been here for a couple of days and we don't quite have the schedule down pat. He was housebroken, with a regular schedule in his former foster home.Fez is crate trained, and he loves to have his kong with peanut butter in it to keep him occupied. He will fuss for a bit (probably 15 minutes or so, until he settles down). Fez knows 'sit' however, sometimes he will lay down froggy leg and then roll over for a belly rub (and what a lovely belly he has to rub). Fez found a rawhide (which we no longer use for our pets because of the danger) and was very proud of his find. However, Fez allowed me to take it from him with no protesting. Fez has no aggression with me handling his food. In fact, Fez is very food orientated and smart which will make him much easier to train.Fez didn't have the guidance as a young puppy, and he still has the annoying puppy behavior of nipping or mouthing. Very different from biting. If you are walking away from him and he wants to play, he will nip at your feet or shoestrings, as well as your hands. We have been working with him and he is responding to gentle training and redirection with an appropriate toy, however it will take consistency to unlearn behaviors that had gone rewarded (with attention in the past). We are also working on Fez's jumping up to greet. Fez gets all excited and jumps when people come into the room.Because of the puppy mouthing, Fez should not go to a home with young children. Older children that will not make a game of his nipping and participate in his training should be fine. Dog Savy owners that have raised a puppy through the annoying puppy mouthing stage would work well for this happy boy and bring many years of joy to his new family. Normally we do not process applications unless you select a specific dog and make a deposit of $200 as we are all volunteers and limited resources - your deposit tells us you are serious. Click here to complete our online application! Once we have your deposit we will hold the dog for you while we process your application. If you are not approved to adopt or we can not provide the dog you are interested in, your deposit is refunded. If you are approved, the deposit is applied toward the total donation of the dog. If the dog is not a good match, we will work with you to find another dog or refund your deposit. We want you to be certain that this is a decision your have thought through thoroughly & not just a whim so if YOU change your mind for ANY reason, your deposit is not refundable! Deposit Donations can be made by Paypal - please click on symbol below: If transport is necessary, that cost will be additional - transport cost is NOT included in the donation. If you wish to call us, please call between the hours of 10 AM and 7PM at 401-234-4499. If you leave a message, a volunteer will return your call ASAP.