Izabel, Dog, Border Collie

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Border Collie
Primary Breed: 
Border Collie
Black with White
10 January 2009 Izabel had a great Christmas but she wasn’t able to stay awake to ring in the New Year. That was okay with her though, she enjoyed herself while she was awake. She is such a loving girl and she enjoys playing ball, tug of war or shake rag and being loved. She has settled into home life quite well and is doing wonderfully. Izzy loves to go for walks, actually she is much more into joging or running, walking just doesn’t get us there fast enough. She is very alert and aware of her surroundings keeping an eye out for the neighbors and the squirrels but especially she likes to watch the birds and jets fly over. She is a very good alert dog and lets me know when things are happening outside. Most of all she is a very happy dog. Her tails is always wagging and there is a bounce to her step no matter where we are going. She is doing very well with basic commands and is very cooperative. When Izzy came to us we noticed that she was running a little stiffly, we had her hips x-rayed and she was seen by an orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon determined she has signs of early hip displasia and Izzy will need to be monitored as she gets in to middle age and beyond, but he does not feel that she will require any treatment for many years, if at all. She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, on heartworm prevention and microchipped. For more information contact Chris at: comebyebcrescue@hotmail.com or go to our website at comebyebcrescue.petfinder.org to fill out an on-line application. 2 Nov 2008 Our sweet Izabel, we call her Izzy, is quite a tom girl. She is so full of love, life and fun, her tail is always wagging. She is a very happy girl. She is growing quickly, about 40 pounds now and sometime still a little clumsy. She is going to be such a super dog, she is so smart, learns quickly, and so full of life she is such a joy to have in our home. She prances around with her tail in the air and her ears pricked, not wanting to miss a thing. She likes to play fetch and shaky rag and chase the other dog, then there are times when she likes to lay in the yard, work on a raw hide and watch the jets and birds fly over. Walks are fun, she loves to go fast and is doing very well walking on leash. Riding in the car is okay, but eating is better. Looking out the window is good too and she always lets me know when someone is outside. She is not into house work, vacuums are noisy things, they don’t scare her, she just doesn’t like to hear them and dust rags would be better employed for playing. She just can’t understand why I don’t let her wash the dishes instead of putting them into the sink, she would do it so much faster and we could have more time together.She is learning her manors and doing very well. Stay and wait are sometimes a challenge, there are just too many interesting things happening for her to be sitting around, but she is trying very hard. Sit, down and come are getting better all the time. She has not had an accident in the house for 3 or 4 weeks now. We are very happy about that!Izzy is going to make a wonderful active companion for some lucky person. Just like Goldilocks, her activity level is just right, not too high and not too low to be a great family pet or companion for an active person. She is a good girl, wants to please, loves attention and to be petted. She is good with older children, 8+ and has been fine with my 6 yr old niece, but I still supervise them carefully. Izzy is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, on heartworm and flea/tick prevention and microchipped. She is being fostered in the St. Louis, MO area. For more information contact Chris at: comebyebcrescue@hotmail.com or go to our website at: www.comebyebcrescue.petfinder.org to fill out an on-line application Izabel is such a typical puppy! She is funny, energetic and playful, sweet, a tease, gentle and all out! She is doing great with house training, we have had a couple of accidents, more my fault than hers, she goes and sits by the door and if I don’t see her, I miss my opportunity. She is so good in the house I have let her sleep uncrated in the bedroom with us several times and she didn’t have an accident. She is crated during the day when I go to work (she is good but no angel) and is good about her crate, not ecstatic to get into it, but she likes her kongs and will go into her crate with one and no complaints. She is good with my 4 year old male and while the cat is interesting and seems very chasable, she shows no intent to hurt her and ignores her when we all go to bed. She is puppy active and will probably be an active adult, not herding intense, but will be ready to go, probably do good with agility, ball or Frisbee, right now she enjoys playing ball and loves to go for walks and she walks well on lead. She is very smart and knows sit, she also knows no, but doesn’t always want to take that for the final answer. We are working on no bite, off, down and stay, all of which are very trying for an exuberant girl like her! When we are playing ball she will run after it full out and when she gets to it her front end stops before her rear end and turns herself around…it is so funny to see. She is a good girl, will learn quickly and should excel in her obedience classes which are mandatory for puppy adoptions. We do not recommend her for families with children under 8 or 10 as she could easily knock younger children down while playing just because she does not yet understand that she needs to be gentle with little ones. As an example, when she is running back to me she can not always stop in time and sometimes I feel like the brick wall in the crash dummy tests. It does not happen often, but it could be very frightening or hurt a young child if it happened to them. If you are looking for a young dog who is well on her way to being house trained, good in her crate, enthusiastic, trainable, a little head strong (which will turn into independence and self assurance with the proper training and obstinacy with out it), joyful, playful and a scamp and a half, kissy face, and a good girl you should check out Izabel. PS. I should mention that she does have bad hair…err… ear days….some days her left ear is up and some days it is down. Izabel is being fostered about 40 miles east of St. Louis, MO. To apply to adopt her please go to www.comebyebcrescue.petfinder.org to fill out the adoption application/info or for more information email Chris at comebyebcrescue@hotmail.com