Mercedes, Dog, Border Collie / Great Pyrenees / Mixed

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Border Collie / Great Pyrenees / Mixed
Primary Breed: 
Border Collie
Secondary Breed: 
Great Pyrenees
Vaccinations Up to Date: 
Mercedes, what a neat little puppy...everytime we go out to see the doggies she is the first one up to say hi...wagging her tail, smiling at us, just thrilled that we came to see her. She honestly lights up my life when I see her. She is a Very Special Litte Girl and one of my favorites. She came to us a few weeks ago with her siblings she is a real sweetheart and loves to play with the other puppies, she currently has 2 booster shots and is about 12 weeks old. We are pretty sure she has Great Pyranese and Border Collie, just a really neat puppy. Mercedes is now going on 5 months and will be spayed in a couple of weeks. The really great thing about RPAL, I get to run and play all day long with my other litter mates, lots of other puppies and adult doggies. This is helping me learn my socialization skills on how to behave with other doggies in the world. Doggie Foster Moms Red & Bootsy watch over me to make sure I am protected and behaving myself. They teach me how to play with other puppies nicely and Doggie Foster Dad Trapper the Patriarch teaches me to respect other elders and most especially when they are eating. RPAL also doesnÂ’t adopt any of us until we are at least 8 weeks old, so we have learned a lot about bit inhibition (means when know how hard to bite and when to ease up) at least that is the theory. Plus, another really neat idea at RPAL, we are free fed here, which means food is out anytime we want to eat, we never have to fight for food here, which will hopefully keep us becoming food aggressive in life. So I am becoming a really great doggie and will be able to play well with others anytime, anyplace. Please think of me when your looking to adopt, I am a very good doggie just looking to be your companion for life. To learn more about my transistional home please visit or Toll Free 1-888-473-RPAL (7725)